What happened at our REC Services Development workshop in Birmingham?

Last week we hosted our second REC Services Development workshop, where we met with stakeholders to discuss the REC Code Manager and Enquiry Services. The feedback we received during this session and from our session in Glasgow last month will play a vital role in shaping these services’ short and long-term futures. Learn more about the workshop and sign-up for our final event in London below.

The aim of the workshop

At the beginning of the session, the team established their objectives. They aimed to collect feedback about REC Services that would inform future procurement and development decisions. The team also provided a recap of RECCo’s operating model, details of the recently mobilised projects to consider the future of the Code Manager and Enquiry Services and an overview of RECCo’s procurement approach and principles.

Assessing the Code Manager service

During the presentation, Joy Nnamani, the Service Manager at RECCo, introduced the Code Manager service pillars. These are change and release management, performance assurance, technology enablement, party management, and stakeholder engagement. She also asked stakeholders to consider and provide feedback on the following:

  • RECCo’s current operating model for delivering the Code Manager service
  • Their experience with the Code Manager across the service pillars, asking for examples of elements that industry is pleased with and those which need improvement

RECCo is gathering this feedback in order to shape the ongoing evolution of the Code Manager to serve industry best.

Assessing the Energy Enquiry Services

After the lunch break, Katie Taaffe, the Enquiry Services Manager of RECCo, presented about the Energy Enquiry Services. She discussed the shift to REC governance, the current operating model, and the potential future applications. The attendees talked about the essential elements of the services, such as functional, technical/non-functional, and service management requirements, as well as user experience. Katie encouraged attendees to also consider:

  • Their current experience with the Enquiry Services – how do they use the services, which elements are working well, and what are the areas for improvement?
  • Functionality they may require from the Enquiry Services in the future

Attendees were thanked for their attendance and valuable insight on the Code Manager and Energy Enquiry services. This feedback, along with that gathered from our other events and engagements, will help to inform the future requirements of these services.

Join us in London

If you haven’t been able to attend an event so far, there’s still time to sign-up for our final REC Services Development workshop in London using the link below. We hope to see you there!

London – 19th July 2023 (Book now)