What happened at our first REC Services Development workshop?

We recently hosted the first of three REC Services Development workshops. Members of the RECCo Team travelled to Glasgow to hear industry stakeholders share their thoughts on the Code Manager and Enquiry Services. The valuable feedback received will play a pivotal role in shaping these services’ short-term and long-term future. Learn more about the workshop and join a similar event near you below.

The aim of the workshop

Firstly, the team set out the objectives and aims for the session – to gather user feedback on REC Services and inform future procurement and development. This included a recap of RECCo’s operating model, details of the recently mobilised projects to consider the future of the Code Manager and Enquiry Services and an overview of RECCo’s procurement approach and principles.

Evaluating the Code Manager service

Joy Nnamani, RECCo’s Service Manager, introduced the Code Manager service pillars: Change and release management, performance assurance, technology enablement, party management and stakeholder engagement and asked attendees to consider the following:

  • RECCo’s current operating model for delivering the Code Manager service
  • Their experience with the Code Manager service, including areas for improvement
  • What will they require from the Code Manager service in the future

Evaluating the Energy Enquiry Services

After a break for lunch, Katie Taaffe,  RECCo’s Enquiry Services Manager, spoke about the Energy Enquiry Services. This covered the transition to REC governance, the current operating model and potential future use cases. Attendees discussed the core components of the services, including functional, non-functional/technical and service management requirements and user experience and considered:

  • Their current experience with the Enquiry Services –  how do they use the services, which elements are working well, and what are the areas for improvement?
  • Functionality they may require from the Enquiry Services in the future

Attendees were thanked for their attendance and valuable insight on these services. This feedback, along with that gathered from our other events and engagements, will help to inform the future requirements of these services.

Join us at a future event.

There’s still a chance to join us and provide feedback on our Code Manager and Enquiry Services in July. Please use the links below to register.

Birmingham – 11th July 2023 (Book now)

London – 19th July 2023 (Book now)

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