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What can you expect from our recruitment process? 

Here at RECCo, we strive to keep our hiring process simple and efficient. We aim to find and hire the best talent while respecting everyone’s time. We understand that job seekers can get frustrated with lengthy or complicated hiring processes, so we have streamlined ours. If you’re interested in applying for a role with us, we’d love to share more about what you can expect. 

We know that job seekers are tired of long hiring processes 

In 2022, it was reported that nearly 60% of candidates had exited online applications mid-way due to their length and complexity. Furthermore, whilst the average length of the hiring process is 36 days, most candidates believe it should take less than two weeks from the first interview to a job offer.

Importantly, we know that top candidates may be considering several jobs, and the length of the hiring process directly impacts the role they will ultimately take. That’s why we recruit through a process which only includes the measures needed to make the right decision.  

Our streamlined hiring process 

Our hiring process includes five steps: review, introduction call, interview, task, and offer. We start the process by posting the job on our careers page, Linked In and other areas. As applications are submitted, we review them for various criteria. We then call the best candidates to introduce ourselves, discuss the role and ensure their experience and requirements are a good fit.  

Next, we invite the matching candidates to an online interview. We interview in pairs – the interview panel will normally be made up of the hiring manager plus a further colleague from the same team. Depending on the role, we may ask you to complete a brief task or presentation. If we’re impressed, you’ll have a final discussion with one or two executive team members. Finally, we make an offer to the candidate we think is best for the role. Our packages are competitive – take a look at our benefit packages here. 

Take a look at our current vacancies 

Interest in joining our team? You can visit our career page here. We’re always looking for passionate people with expertise in the energy industry, strategy developers, digital pioneers, communication gurus and transformation geniuses. Send a prospective email to with your CV, and we’ll be in touch if an appropriate role becomes available. 

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