What can you expect at our REC Services Development Workshops?

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What can you expect at our REC Services Development Workshops?


Earlier this month, we launched our REC Services Development workshops and invited you to join us in Glasgow, Birmingham or London this summer. In this article, we’re giving you more insight into the events, including how the days will be structured, what we’re looking to achieve and why it’s so important for users of the Code Manager and Energy Enquiry Services to attend.  Read on to find out more.

How will the workshops be structured?


The day will be divided into four sessions. In the first session, we will introduce you to the RECCo team, provide an overview of the RECCo operating model and outline the objectives for the day. In the second session, we will discuss the current Code Manager and Energy Enquiry Services. Our REC Service Leads, Joy Nnamani and Katie Taaffe, will detail the primary functions of each of the services and how they are currently assessed and delivered. Then it will be over to you as we move into our first breakout session. During this time, we want to find out how you currently interact with various service areas. This is your chance to provide detailed feedback and highlight areas for change.

We’ll take a quick break for lunch before coming back for our third session to talk about what the future of our services might look like. A member of our Finance and Commercial Team will present our strategy for procuring REC services and our planned approach before moving into the final session of the day, another breakout session to gather your thoughts on the features and aspects you would like to see in our services moving forward.

Following the workshop, we encourage you to join us for a networking session.

What are we looking to achieve?


Overall, we want to ensure that the Code Manager and Energy Enquiry Services meet the needs of our users and provide the best service. To do this, we need your input on what doesn’t work currently and what you would like to see in the future.

Sign up today


Below are the dates for the upcoming events. Kindly use the provided links to register. We will share the exact venues via email closer to the date after confirming the expected number of attendees. All workshops will be held between 10 am- 3 pm, including an opportunity to network with colleagues after the events. Unfortunately, due to the interactive nature of the events, we won’t have any dial-in options available.

Glasgow – 21st June 2023 (Book now)

Birmingham – 11th July 2023 (Book now)

London – 19th July 2023 (Book now)

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