We’ve re-appointed our customer and digital-focused Non-Executive Directors for the next two years

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We’ve re-appointed our customer and digital-focused Non-Executive Directors for the next two years


We’re happy to announce that we’ve re-appointed Helen Charlton – our customer-focused NED – and Roshan Awatar – our digital-focused NED, for another two years. This follows the recommendation of the REC Board and nominations committee and a vote by REC Parties.

RECCo Chair, Chris Anastasi spoke highly of Helen and Roshan following the nomination committee’s recommendation, saying: “Helen and Roshan have been excellent NEDs for RECCo, providing considerable advice and support to the Board and the Executive Team as the organisation transitioned into its enduring form.

They have helped set the tone of the organisation in two very important areas, and we are now seeing genuine progress, not only in our day-to-day operations but in establishing our ambition and strategy for the future. In addition to their specialist areas, they bring wider experience to the organisation and serve on our Board’s standing committees.

It is important that there is continuity as the organisation evolves over the next few years and Helen and Roshan’s re-appointments for a second term will help provide this.”

Find out more about Helen and Roshan below.

Who is Helen Charlton, our customer-focused NED?


Helen has over 22 years of advocating for consumers in the utility sector. Her wide-ranging experience includes policy, regulation, stakeholder engagement and more. She has been a NED at RECCo for the past two years and has been involved in aspects of strategy, governance, policy and performance monitoring. She’s focused on the needs of vulnerable consumers, consumer complaints and redress.

Outside of her role at RECCo, Helen has been Chair of the Financial Services Consumer Panel since June 2022 and chair of the British Gas Energy Trust since August 2019. The latter is entirely independent of British Gas but funded solely from their donations and contributes to the relief of fuel poverty.

You can learn more about Helen’s career here. Interestingly, she began as a commercial solicitor specialising in competition law and utilities regulation.

Who is Roshan Awatar, our data and digital-focused NED?


Roshan has spent the past 20 years in data and technology, with a current focus on strategy, design and delivery across data analytics, management and governance, and operational accountability for data and digital transformation.

Roshan is currently Group Director, Data and Analytics at Sky, a role he has held since April 2022. Prior to that, he had a career primarily working in and with the banking sector. From 2018 to 2021 he was the Group Director of Data and Analytics Strategy and the Deputy Group Chief Data Officer at Lloyds Banking. He worked at the core of the Group’s digital transformation and led a Directorate covering strategy, data management, data innovation, analytics business integration and data culture. You can find out more about Roshan’s career here.

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