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We’re working towards open data principles for the Retail Energy Code

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We’re working towards open data principles for the Retail Energy Code


Earlier this year, we published our 2023-26 Forward Work Plan, identifying our work priorities – including improvements to our data and digital services. As part of this, we launched our Open Data Project, enabling the safe and secure opening of Retail Energy Code (REC)-governed data via a published asset. As we complete Phase 1 of the project, Pete Davies, our Director of Data, Technology and Transformation, has published a paper detailing the work completed so far and our Phase 2 plans. You can read the paper in full here. The article below details some of the key themes.


Why did we start this project?


Creating transparency around the national energy system and its data ecosystem is essential to assisting the GB journey towards a carbon-neutral, net-zero society and a means to deliver the most effective, efficient, secure energy to consumers at the most cost-efficient prices. In recent years, the evolution of the data world has been reflected in various energy market regulatory policies and initiatives, working to make energy data more accessible, visible and discoverable.

Whilst Ofgem-led Data Best Practice and the Digitalisation Strategy and Action Plan have focused on networks, we recognise that the retail and consumer-facing part of the industry needs to participate in the secure opening of data. This is partly why RECCo has commenced work to explore Open Data so the REC and parties can consider and evolve ahead of further DBP being mandated.


What have we achieved so far?


We have started reviewing data sources we are the Data Controller or Custodian of and have started to ratify early analysis with other code bodies and system providers before bringing through the REC change process. The key output of Phase 1 was a metadata catalogue and supporting assets, which are the foundation for our future work. This includes a metadata catalogue, roles and responsibilities model, data item classification model, data domain model, and a data quality framework and log. Find out more about each asset in the full paper here.


What are our next steps?


The paper details the work we plan to undertake as we move into Phase 2 of the Open Data project, including: updating the metadata catalogue based on stakeholder feedback to the paper, gaining approval for metadata classification, introducing a REC Change Proposal to improve and expand data access and more.

Read the paper and provide your feedback


You can read the paper in full here.

We value your input on this paper and our industry engagements. Your feedback will assist us in determining our next course of action, including assessing potential impacts, risks, and costs. Please submit your feedback to

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