We’re officially carbon-neutral!

We’re proud to announce that, following months of work alongside Positive Planet, we’re officially a carbon-neutral company! We’ve been working on a plan to measure, reduce and offset our carbon footprint. Find out how we achieved carbon neutrality and our plans for the future below.

Measuring our carbon footprint


At RECCo, we prioritise minimising our environmental impact. We partnered with Positive Planet to assess our carbon footprint to achieve this goal. Most of our team work on a remote basis, and whilst studies prove that remote work can significantly reduce emissions, we knew there was more we could do.

Positive Planet conducted an analysis of our emissions in four areas: direct, indirect, upstream, and downstream.

  • Direct emissions refer to the emissions that result from the use of company vehicles, buildings, and facilities
  • Indirect emissions, on the other hand, are produced by the electricity we purchase
  • Upstream emissions are caused by employee commuting, business travel, transportation from suppliers, as well as all the goods and services we purchase as a business
  • As a service-based company, downstream emissions do not apply to us as these are emissions produced by companies that deliver products to customers and subsequently by how customers use and dispose of their products.

Positive Planet found that most of RECCo’s emissions come from upstream activities, including business travel, commuting and capital goods.

How are we reducing our carbon footprint?


This year we have offset our emissions by supporting sustainable projects around the world, but our long-term aim is to achieve net zero by reducing our emissions. This means we must make lasting changes to our procurement and supply chain.

In the short term, we will be raising internal awareness and introducing training to help employees understand how to reduce their emissions.

We’re also considering whether there are any changes to our existing policies which can support us on our journey to net zero. So, for example, we are looking at the travel section of our expenses policy to see where we might encourage people to prioritise ‘active travel’ such as cycling, walking or car sharing.

Who are Positive Planet?


Positive Planet support businesses across the UK and aim to reduce emissions by 5 million tonnes annually by 2030! They were launched in 2021 and have helped over 500 companies on their journey to net zero.

You can find out more here: Positive Planet | Sustainable Business Advisory

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