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We’re introducing a Code of Practice to the TPI market

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We’re introducing a Code of Practice to the TPI market


We met with non-domestic Brokers and Suppliers in a series of workshops on the 21st and 22nd of March to ask; “How can we more effectively govern non-domestic Brokers?” Participants at both events agreed that the TPI market needs greater governance and a code of practice should be introduced. As such, we will be starting work on the code of practice, with the aim of introducing it into the REC by October 2023.

In this article, we provide full notes from both workshops and a timeline of the steps we need to take to introduce the code of practice.

What happened at the Supplier workshop?


Read the full notes from our Supplier session here.

What happened at the Broker workshop?


Read the full notes from our Broker session here.

What are the next steps?


Both the workshops demonstrated the need for greater governance around the TPI market. Participants agreed that RECCo should commence work on draft CoP to be introduced into REC  by October.  RECCo will also look at the development of a performance assurance regime to support the CoP.  In addition to this we will also draft and consult on a standardised letter of authority. Finally, we will undertake some analysis of the issues around change of tenancy and potential solutions.

We set out below, at a high level, our key deliverables and indicative timeframes for each of these workstreams.

Code of Practice Target Date
Draft high level timeframe and actions for delivery 28 April 2023
Map stakeholder engagement 5 May 2023
Draft CoP for information stakeholder consultation 2 June 2023
Raise REC change proposal 30 June 2023
CoP implementation 1 October 2023


Performance Assurance Target Date
Commence development of performance assurance regime 2 June 2023
Performance assurance implementation TBC


Letter of Authority Target Date
Gather stakeholder input on standard requirements 2 June 2023
Draft LoA for consultation 30 June 2023
Issue agreed standard template 1 October 2023


Change of Tenancy Target Date
Confirm problem statement, assessment of materiality and  options 5 May
Further steps dependent on analysis of options/emerging performance assurance regime and clarity on role of Ofgem TBC

Get involved


Thank you to everyone who took the time to join our events and provide feedback. If you would like to provide further comments please contact

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