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The new metering audit scheme and its impact on REC Parties

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The new metering audit scheme and its impact on REC Parties


As of 1st April 2023, our new metering audit scheme is in place. This article gives an overview of the new scheme, information about the Scheme Auditors and where to access further information.

What is the new scheme, and why has it been introduced?


A new metering audit scheme has been introduced as part of the Consolidated Metering Codes of Practice (CoMCoP). This will provide consistency across the metering audits and accreditation process.

Wilcock Consultants manage the new scheme on behalf of RECCo. The scheme covers the initial accreditation and renewal of Gas MEMs, Gas MIs, Electricity MEMs, AMR service providers and the initial accreditation of Smart Meter service providers.

In the latest podcast from the REC Code Manager, David Haddock from Wilcock Consultants discussed some changes that will be seen under the scheme, including:

  • All audits under the scheme will be completed using CoMCoP as a base;
  • Audits will be moved to a two-year cycle to remove historical inconsistencies;
  • Desktop audits will be remote where possible;
  • Wilcock Consultants will be responsible for scheduling, planning and invoicing audits. They will reach out to companies to organise their audit.

How will Parties be notified about their metering audit?


Wilcock Consultants will contact you via email. Should you need to update your email or discuss your audit, you can reach out to them by emailing

Where can I learn more?


The REC Code Manager has provided comprehensive information about the new metering audit scheme, including:

  • The Metering Accreditation User Guide, which you can access here;
  • A podcast episode from the Code Manager, available here and;
  • A webinar from the Code Manager, a recording of which is available here.

You can also reach out via email to

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