PCW/Supplier Forum

This Forum held meetings between April and October 2021 and was open to all interested PCWs and Energy Suppliers.

About this forum

In line with RECCo’s strategic objectives, we are committed to improving consumer outcomes and promoting trust in the energy market.

Price Comparison Website’s (PCWs) are the primary route by which consumers switch energy suppliers and will therefore be significantly impacted by the Faster Switching Programme.

The purpose of the Forum was to enable structured engagement between PCW’s and Suppliers, to identify impacts from implementing faster and more reliable switching in order to minimise risks to the delivery of Programme objectives.

Further, to provide an open and transparent Forum for all parties, and to identify and address any issues, risks and common themes arising from the evolution of the switching process.  The Forum’s primary focus was on any changes required to ensure a positive consumer experience through the switching process.

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