Our stakeholders are at the centre of what we do. We are committed to providing transparent communications and access to information.

The role of key stakeholders

We recognise the breadth and differing needs of our stakeholders, and we’re committed to engaging and supporting you all.

Supporting Government

With the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and the UK energy market Regulator (Ofgem) driving the regulation of the energy industry, the Retail Energy Code will act as a conduit for government, positively representing and communicating vital policy updates and regulation on their behalf. We will ensure the delivery of a fair, transparent, and highly competent and valued service to energy market participants. This will support the driving up of standards to meet government and regulator objectives of protecting and benefiting consumers.

Helping energy market participants

Supporting energy market participants is a high priority. The information and support you can access will enable you to be well-informed, knowledgeable, and reassured. Currently, those operating, or those who have newly entered the energy industry, can face barriers despite their best efforts due to the complex network of regulations. We’ll help you navigate through your responsibilities under the REC, enabling you to focus on business performance and offering a great service to customers.

Reassuring consumers 

Whilst consumers may not have direct contact with the Retail Energy Code, this stakeholder group lies at the very heart of our purpose. Through improved governance and regulation of the energy industry, we intend for consumers to see benefits when they choose to change supplier, through an easier, less time-consuming and stressful process of switching.

Stakeholder resources 

Keep up to date, in the loop, and informed through our helpful resource pages. These will be regularly updated with important documents, meeting notes and dates for your diary.

Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Keep following us as we move towards Go-Live! You’ll find all the relevant dates in our Stakeholder Engagement activity plan.

Inside RECCo

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PCW and Supplier Forum

This Forum will be meeting between April and October 2021 and is open to all interested PCWs and Energy Suppliers.

Price Comparison Website’s (PCWs) are the primary route by which consumers switch energy suppliers and will therefore be significantly impacted by the Faster Switching Programme.

Consumer Journey Forum

This Forum initially convened during 2020 and is being re-launched with a revised Terms of Reference from May 2021.that will be meeting between April and October 2021 and is open to all interested energy Suppliers.
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