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RECCo’s Draft Strategy and Forward Work Plan for 2022- 2025

On 10th January 2022, RECCo Board published its draft strategy, forward work plan for 2022-2025, and associated financial projection, open for comment until the closing date of 31st January 2022.

In line with Clause 9 of the Retail Energy Code (REC), on 10th January 2022, RECCo Board published its draft Strategy and Forward Work Plan for 2022-2025, and associated financial projection. RECCo Board invites comments on the draft until the closing date of 5pm 31st January 2022.

In line with good corporate practice, within this document, RECCo Board provides its good faith estimates of the 3-year financial projections to deliver the services and/or discharge the obligations placed upon it by the Retail Energy Code (REC). This financial projection is provided to help enable REC Parties to plan for the longer term and provide financial context to this strategy and forward work plan. Following stakeholder feedback from this consultation, a more detailed 2022/23 Budget will be issued to REC Parties in February. The consolidated 3-year financial projections and summarised commentary set out in this strategy and forward work plan is not designed to replace the obligation to consult on the Budget.

Find the full document here. We recommend readers read the PDF in full screen mode to experience all interactive features. We invite comments from any interested party, via email: Questions and comments received will be added to our Q&A log here.

While we welcome feedback on the content of the document in general, we would also particularly appreciate your views on:

  • Whether you agree that we should consider updating RECCo’s Mission Statement to reflect the energy transition, particularly giving thought to sustainability, net-zero, and climate change? And that any potential change should also be embedded throughout RECCo’s strategic aims and values. If not, please explain why.
  • Do you agree with the enduring workstreams and key priorities for 2022/23? If not, please explain why and perhaps suggest alternatives.
  • Whether there is something missing from the proposed new workstreams? If so, please explain what’s missing.

Should you wish to discuss your response with us, please contact us and we will endeavour to arrange a bilateral. We are also considering hosting an open Q&A session, if relevant. If you would find this useful, please submit your questions to us.

We invite comments on the above from any interested party, via email at:

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