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On 26th August 2022, RECCo issued a letter to BEIS, Ofgem and Innovate UK regarding the Energy Digitalisation Taskforce report. Our letter summarises our commitment to supporting and building upon the report recommendations to ensure the sector can effectively support the energy market transition in which digitalisation will play a key part.

Within our response we highlight that RECCo’s Strategy and Forward Work Plan recognises the potential of the Retail Energy Code (REC) to drive transformational change that extends beyond simple incremental improvements to existing arrangements. The REC is an opportunity to add value and address issues in the retail energy market through changes around data and digitalisation. As such, we believe we are well placed to support and help deliver some of the recommendations set out in the EDiT report. RECCo’s mission statement has a strong consumer focus, whilst the REC as a dual fuel code contains the market rules for a wide range of stakeholders across the retail energy market. This combination enables RECCo to focus on the facilitation of positive consumer outcomes and in particular, there is an opportunity for RECCo to facilitate the delivery of a consumer consent asset. RECCo has already identified some exploratory work as part of its Forward Work Plan that can lend itself to the initiative. RECCo could also help facilitate the delivery of an asset registration solution, where the focus is to drive consumer uptake.

Recognising the scale of the task in enabling the better sharing of data, RECCo have commenced some initial work to understand potential consumer journey’s and how existing data issues could be addressed. We welcome the opportunity to work with industry, BEIS, Ofgem and Innovate UK on the development of data sharing. For further information please contact Pete Davies who is leading on the development of RECCo’s Data and Digitalisation Strategy:

For our full response please visit here.

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