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Consultation on DCC Service Provider Performance Charges

RECCo have issued a consultation on DCC Service Provider Performance Charges. This follows a proposal from Ofgem that some of the DCC’s Switching Service Level Agreements (SLAs) under the REC, could be subject to assurance through Ofgem’s regulated price control rather than the REC Performance Assurance Framework (PAF).

The consultation seeks views on: 

  • Which DCC SLAs  REC Parties consider are the most material and impactful should these be failed;  
  • Whether some DCC SLAs, if any, should be subject to charges under the Switching Incentive Regime (SIR) rather than the REC Performance Assurance Framework; 
  • Whether the SIR should consider individual SLAs across all three DCC Services, or individual DCC Services in their entirety, noting that a single service being subject to assurance under two regimes may be complex given the proposal to link the level of charge to the number of failed SLAs; and 
  • RECCo’s concerns that splitting the assurance of the DCC, as a REC Service, between two regimes could undermine RECCo’s ability to hold its Service Provider to account for the end-to-end delivery of its services. 

The closing date for responses is 5pm, 16th May 2022.

Read our full consultation submitted here.

Download the consultation response form here.

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