RECCo Executive Highlights August 2021

We are two weeks away from the Retail Code Consolidation on 1st September 2021 and the initiation of our Code Manager Service.

We have built and tested the two digital foundations of our service: the Portal which is the gateway to all enhanced REC services and the EMAR (the digital version of the Retail Energy Code) and are finalising the transition of all existing services.

We are approaching the final countdown to the start of our new service working with our Code Manager service providers to ensure that systems, processes and service teams are ready to provide a seamless fit-for-purpose user experience on go-live. As with any new and innovative service like this, there may be some minor teething problems which is why we are putting in place early life support plans to provide industry with any help that it may need.  We are also in the process of planning further service enhancements over the coming months, and we welcome any feedback to feed into this process.

One such enhancement will be the full implementation of our planned performance assurance activities.  Having listened carefully to industry feedback, we are postponing the implementation of our enhanced performance assurance regime and the requirement for industry parties to provide new data items which would facilitate it.  A full communication on the postponement and revised timetable will follow shortly.

We hope that with the engagement activities we have put in place, you will also be fully prepared for go-live.  If you would like more information about any aspect of the Retail Code Consolidation go-live on 1st September or if you have any suggestions on how we can improve our communication with you, please contact us at

Sid Cox, CEO, RECCo

REC Development

Following the approval of the REC v2.0 text in July, Ofgem has now formally designated 1st September 2021 as the Retail Code Consolidation date.  A further Change Request has subsequently been approved, giving effect to the lower-level REC v2.0 documentation such as the Service Definitions and Metering Codes of Practice.

The Ofgem consultation on REC v3.0 (Switching Programme) closed on 30 July 2021.  It is expected that RECCo will consider respondents comments on REC drafting, with revisions to be completed by December 2021, when they will form part of an Ofgem modification using its Significant Code Review powers.  Any substantive policy issues will be discussed with and determined by Ofgem in advance of the December 2021 consultation.  It is anticipated that the modification(s) will be directed circa May 2022 in advance of the CSS go-live decision.

In addition to the formal consultation process, revisions to the REC v3.0 drafting may be prompted by changes progressed and approved as part of the Switching Programme, such as late changes to the design or enhanced requirements based on the results of testing.

RECCo has considered proposals submitted in response to its RfP to develop the Theft Estimation Methodology.  It is expected that a decision will be taken during August, with the subsequent timeline being largely dependent upon the chosen bidder’s approach.

REC Transition

We continue to make good progress across all areas and are confident that we will have in place all the contracts with Service Providers that are required for 1st September.

RECCo is continuing to work to ensure that all Access Agreements are in place with all relevant parties so they can continue to use EES and GDCC from 1st September. If you are in any doubt about your access, please contact the REC Code Manager at

Arrangements are in place to secure access to legacy code documentation after 1st September 2021. Most data will be retained in situ on existing websites. The SMICoP website will close at the end of September and RECCo will provide access on request.

REC Mobilisation

The REC Code Manager Mobilisation Programme final milestone was on 30th July and we are now into cutover planning with resources secured for scheduled data uploads into the Portal and EMAR in readiness for 1st September 2021.

The REC Code Manager is ready to provide core business processes for 1st September with additional service enhancements planned before the end of the calendar year.

Your Operational Account Managers are available to help you with any queries or support for 1st September and beyond. Please contact to reach the REC Code Manager.

RECCo Corporate Organisation

The RECCo Executive team is now fully in place.  For go-live, we have enlisted the support of some key Subject Matter Experts as we continue to evolve towards our enduring organisation by recruiting staff members to a number of key roles.

Stakeholder Engagement

We are using a number of different channels to communicate from RECCo’s monthly newsletter ‘Inside RECCo’ to the Code Managers weekly podcast releases.  If you would like to subscribe to RECCo’s newsletter, please contact

We continue to work hard to ensure that our services and operations will be ready for 1st September 2021 and there are a number of stakeholder events planned towards the second half of August including:

RECFLIX Model Offices Sessions:

  • Model Office 2: The REC – 19 August 14:00 – 15:00pm
  • Model Office 3: Change Proposals & Reporting – 26 August
  • Model Office 4: The Data Catalogue – 9th September
  • Model Office 5: Codes Roadmap & Future of EMAR – 23rd September

Please contact if you would like any further information.

Consumer Programme

We have been working hard to ensure there continues to be a wide group of stakeholders that engage through the Consumer Journey Forum including parties beyond the industry such as Citizens Advice and the energy ombudsman.  A work plan has been set out to address the issues being tabled.

Our consumer programme aims to gain an increased understanding of consumer’s needs and concerns and then ensure that our strategic priorities are aligned with these.  We will also ensure that our consumer strategy fits in with RECCo’s core values of digitalisation, innovation and achieving net zero.

Financial Management

RECCo continues to manage its financial and other resources prudently. Costs for the financial year to date (April – July) are tracking favourably against budget and cumulatively the costs are below expectations. However, several of the positive variances to date can be considered timing items related to the phasing of costs across the year.  These may reverse later in the year. Other variances reflect true underspends in the period.

RECCo issued its Q2 invoices in July for the expected costs for the quarter July – September inclusive. These invoices are payable on 30 days credit terms. Energy Suppliers are required by the REC to fund the costs of RECCo and pay their invoices within the credit terms set by the Board. Non-payment of a RECCo invoice is an Event of Default under the REC and may lead to the REC Party being expelled from the Code.

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