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REC Entry Assessment and Qualification – Market Scenario Testing

REC and BSC Joint Storyboards

The Market Scenario Testing stage of the REC Entry Assessment comprises two elements: Internal Testing and External Testing.

Both elements are similar and you will be asked to perform a number of defined market scenarios using your normal business processes and business staff in operational timescales to test and demonstrate that they are fit for purpose when you go-live.

Each market scenario is a series of business events that will be encountered in live operation and you will be required to carry out tests in relation to these scenarios using your integrated systems and processes.

During the Internal Testing Assessment, the scenarios are performed wholly within your own environment, with you simulating all the various feed ins and other Market Participants.

During External Testing, you will once again undertake defined market scenarios, but this time interacting with the Code Manager over the Data Transfer Network to demonstrate how your systems and processes will work. Please note that External Testing isn’t applicable to MEMs.

REC Entry Assessment & BSC Qualification Storyboards

This document provides the storyboards that are to be run for the Market Scenarios Assessment stage of the REC Entry Process and which may be used as the basis for designing testing required to satisfy the Qualification Requirements under the BSC.

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