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Code Manager Consultation Response

Performance Assurance

The success of the REC Performance Assurance regime is dependent on the support and feedback of the industry on the design of the service.

As such, it is important there is engagement with industry stakeholders on specific areas of the Performance Assurance Framework (PAF). 

The REC Code Manager Performance Assurance consultation was published on 8th April 2021. The consultation introduced the following core components of the PAF:

  • The Performance Assurance Methodology (PAM);
  • The Retail Risk Register;
  • Performance Assurance Techniques (PATs); and
  • The Report Catalogue.

The consultation asked industry for feedback across 13 questions relating to these core components. This document sets out the industry responses received and the Code Manager’s response to key feedback points that were raised.

Response to the Code Manager Performance Assurance Consultation

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