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Performance Assurance – Report Catalogue

Data Requirements

The REC Code Manager is pleased to publish the Report Catalogue which details the specific data items, including frequency of submission, required to complete the REC Party performance assurance assessments.

Event date: Tuesday 27 July 2021

The use of data, particularly for risk assessment, is a core part of our approach to performance assurance. The Report Catalogue  developed during mobilisation identifies data items required to measure the Retail Risks identified.​ One of our principles behind the Report Catalogue is to source as much of the required data from central data providers as possible. Discussions with the various central providers are ongoing, with all conversations to date being positive.  There is some data we require from REC Parties directly, including transitioning some existing data provision (n.b. further items may be identified based on progress of discussions with the central providers):​


  • Complaints related data​
  • Data flows / market messages not available from central providers (e.g. bilateral flows, d-flows not placed on DTN)​
  • Smart metering transaction data ​
  • Supplemental data relating to switching (e.g. switching source)​
  • Energy theft data (as currently provided to TRAS on a monthly basis)​

As part of this publication, the REC Code Manger is also hosting an industry session to discuss the Report Catalogue with you and to respond to any questions that you may have.

This session will be held on Tuesday 27 July 2021 from 14:00 – 15:00pm. 

The event will address any Report Catalogue related questions that have been sent in prior to or during the event, but will specifically:

  • provide a brief overview to the Report Catalogue;
  • explain why the Report Catalogue is needed; and
  • outline the principles for collecting data.

We would welcome any questions related to the Report Catalogue in advance of the event to be submitted to

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