Performance Assurance – Report Catalogue Update

Data Requirements

The use of data, particularly for risk assessment, is a core part of our approach to performance assurance. A Report Catalogue has been developed which identifies the data items that will be required in order to effectively monitor and mitigate the Retail Risks that have been identified and agree with the Performance Assurance Board.

One of our principles behind the Report Catalogue is to source as much of the required data from central data providers as possible.  Wherever possible, requests for data directly from Parties will be based on existing reporting, and will include:

  • Complaints related data​
  • Data flows / market messages not available from central providers (e.g. bilateral flows, d-flows not placed on DTN)​
  • Selected Smart metering transaction data (e.g. number of SMETS1 meter transactions per month)​
  • Supplemental data relating to switching (e.g. switching source)​
  • Energy theft data (as currently provided to TRAS on a monthly basis)​

The draft Report Catalogue was presented at an industry workshop on 27 July, accompanied by an in-depth Q&A session.

Further to stakeholder feedback on the Report Catalogue, including that received from the industry workshop, RECCo and the Code Manager have agreed that some revisions should be made to the scheduling of reporting.  While we will continue to proceed on the basis that existing reporting will transition to the REC with effect 1 September, ensuring the continuity of activities such as theft reporting and monitoring of erroneous switches, we propose to alter the approach in respect of the new data being requested from REC parties

In particular, the requests for new data from REC Parties will be phased in, with data from Sept-Nov now required to be submitted in January 2022, giving Parties an additional three months of notice.  This will also allow a full month lead time for Parties to prepare the reports ahead of submission. 

A fuller communication on this will be issued shortly, to be followed by a revised version of the report catalogue, and to the accompanying FAQs and other material used as part of the workshop, as appropriate.

In the meantime, copies of the draft Report Catalogue, can be found here:

If there are any further questions in relation to the report catalogue that have not been addressed here or in the FAQ section, please submit a question to


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