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Our Services

RECCo is an independent, proactive, and forward-looking non-profit company set up to enable the implementation and ongoing development of the Retail Energy Code in an effective and efficient way. This involves procuring and managing a number of REC Services, including the competitive procurement of the REC Code Manager service which delivers the day-today operational elements of the REC. Our aspiration is to deliver service excellence across everything we do, including the REC services we manage on behalf of REC Parties.

What we manage

The REC currently contains the separate gas and electricity switching arrangements carried over from legacy codes. These will be replaced with the implementation of new switching arrangements in summer 2022. The new switching arrangements will include the Central Switching Service (CSS), which will be an addition to the 17 existing Service Providers that RECCo is now responsible for managing on behalf of industry, as summarised below:

The Code Manager Service

The REC Code Manager service is responsible for delivering the day-to-day operational elements of the REC. The service is delivered by three service providers under ‘one code manager’ service, overseen by RECCo. The Code Manager is responsible for:

  • Designing, implementing and managing the REC Performance Assurance Framework
  • Assuring REC Parties, REC Processes and Service Providers
  • Provision of REC Portal and Service Desk – acting as the primary point of contact for REC Parties
  • Expert party support through the Operational Account Managers (OAMs)
  • End-to-end delivery of the REC Change process
  • Delivering education and training based on stakeholder needs
  • Technical Design Authority – maintain integrity of REC technical documents and products
  • Data Management – Implement and manage EMAR and REC technical interfaces

Find out more on the Code Manager here. If you wish to contact the REC Code Manager please email,

Electricity Enquiry Service

The Electricity Enquiry Service (EES) was formally known as the Electricity Central Online Enquiry Service (ECOES). The EES is a service funded by electricity suppliers and distributors and governed under the Retail Energy Code (REC). EES was designed to assist suppliers in the customer switching process by allowing the triangulation of data; it is also used to provide benefit to REC Parties and non-REC Parties – such as Price Comparison Websites (PCWs).

Green Deal Central Charge Database (GDCC)

The primary purpose of the GDCC is to facilitate the creation and administration of Green Deal Plans in Great Britain, by providing a point of reference and interaction between relevant Green Deal Users.

Energy Theft Tip Off Service (ETTOS)

ETTOS is a service operated by Crimestoppers for members of the public to anonymously report suspected theft of gas and electricity.

Crimestoppers securely notify the tip-off to the relevant gas or electricity supplier for investigation. If the supplier cannot be identified, Crimestoppers will notify the relevant Gas Transporter or electricity Distribution Network Operator for further investigation.

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