The Energy Theft Detection Incentive Schemes

What do I need to know?

Administration of the gas and electricity theft detection incentive schemes transferred to the REC with effect 1 April 2021.  However, as the REC portal was not at that time available suppliers were asked to hold onto their monthly reports until they could be submitted across the Portal.  Those reports have subsequently been captured in the Performance Assurance Report Catalogue. 

The following are therefore required to be submitted by 1 November via the REC Portal:

Report Catalogue Ref # Data Item Description Date period covered Templates/submission guidance
1340 Supplier Theft Files The monthly Residential and Commercial Outcome files, previously submitted under SPAA/DCUSA TRAS arrangements 1 April – 30 Sept 2021
Parties can submit either one large file covering the entire period or individual files for each month
No changes have been made to file formats – the same applies as previously set out in the TRAS programming Manual

Where can I find more information?

Further details on the theft incenive schemes are available on the REC Portal, including guidance on how to submit the reports please see: Energy Theft User Guide. You can also contact the REC Code Manager at to answer any specific questions you may have.

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