REC Development

The REC sets out the rules and processes that energy providers must follow to deliver gas, electricity and ancillary services, efficiently and effectively to end consumers.

Retail Energy Code

On 2 July 2021, Ofgem directed the modification of licence conditions in facilitation of Retail Code Consolidation.

These modifications will take effect following a subsequent designation of the Retail Code Consolidation date, which is expected to be 1 September 2021.

Ofgem also issued its decisions on Change Request D092, which introduced several new Schedules into the REC, as previously consulted upon by Ofgem in December 2020.  Further details are set out in the CR-D092 proposal form here.

Change Request D-099 builds upon CR-D092, introducing a number of operational documents such as Service Definitions, and the Metering Codes of Practice, which will also form part of REC v2.0 and take effect 1 September 2021.   

If you have any questions on Retail Energy Code please visit the FAQ section of this website, and if your question is not answered there, please contact us by email.

REC Document

REC Main Body
Schedule 1: Interpretations and Definitions
Schedule 2: Transition
Schedule 3: Accession Agreement
Schedule 4: Company Governance
Schedule 5: Change Management
Schedule 6: Performance Assurance
Schedule 7: Energy Theft Reduction
Schedule 8: Unbilled Energy Code of Practice 
Schedule 9: Qualification and Maintenance
Schedule 10: Charging methodology
Schedule 11: Prepayment Arrangements
Schedule 12: Data Access
Schedule 13: Transfer of Consumer Data
Schedule 14: Metering Operations
Schedule 15: Metering Accreditation
Schedule 16: Smart Meter installation
Schedule 17: Secure Data Exchange
Schedule 18: Green Deal Arrangements
Schedule 19: Market Exit
Schedule 20: SPAA Transition
Schedule 21: MRA Transition


The current version of the REC is in a transitional form of the REC, providing a foundation for the establishment of RECCo and REC institutions, as well as support for the Switching Programme. Although REC drafting has to date been published in a traditional manner, we anticipate that version 2.0 will be given effect in a fully digital format. Further details are available in our Draft Strategy and Headline Budget document and in due course through the publication of our detailed Digitalisation Strategy.

Version Control

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