REC Development

The Retail Energy Code (REC) is an industry-wide agreement that provides a governance mechanism to manage the processes between energy suppliers, network companies and metering agents within the retail energy market. The REC represents a step-change for the industry with a mission to elevate positive customer outcomes whilst promoting innovation and competition in the retail market. The REC will govern the new, faster and more reliable switching arrangements from summer 2022, and now brings together and updates the governance of existing gas and electricity retail arrangements.

Retail Energy Code

Version 2.0 of the Retail Energy Code was implemented on 1 September 2021 will gave effect to the Retail Code Consolidation (RCC) and marked the end of Ofgem’s Significant Code Review.

A digital version of REC V2.0 is now available part of the Energy Market Architecture Repository (EMAR) which was launched alongside RECCo’s new REC Code Manager service. You can access the REC Portal and EMAR here.  If you have any questions on Retail Energy Code contact the REC Code Manager at:

REC DocumentVersion 2.0 – effective 1 September 2021
REC Main BodyClick here
Schedule 1: Interpretations and DefinitionsClick here
Schedule 2: TransitionClick here
Schedule 3: Accession AgreementClick here
Schedule 4: Company GovernanceClick here
Schedule 5: Change ManagementClick here
Schedule 6: Performance AssuranceClick here
Schedule 7: Energy Theft ReductionClick here
Schedule 8: Unbilled Energy Code of PracticeClick here
Schedule 9: Qualification and MaintenanceClick here
Schedule 10: Charging methodologyClick here
Schedule 11: Prepayment ArrangementsClick here
Schedule 12: Data AccessClick here
Schedule 13: Transfer of Consumer DataClick here
Schedule 14: Metering OperationsClick here
Schedule 15: Metering AccreditationClick here
Schedule 16: Smart Meter installationClick here
Schedule 17: Secure Data ExchangeClick here
Schedule 18: Green Deal Arrangements Click here
Schedule 19: Market ExitClick here
Schedule 20: SPAA TransitionClick here
Schedule 21: MRA TransitionClick here
Service SpecificationsVersion 2.0 – effective 1 September 2021
Electricity Enquiry Service DefinitionClick here
Central Data Service Provider Further Services Service DefinitionClick here
Secure Data Exchange Service DefinitionClick here
Green Deal Central Charging Database Service DefinitionClick here
Operational DocumentsVersion 2.0 – effective 1 September 2021
Electricity Metering Code of Practice (MOCoP)Click here
Gas Metering Code of Practice (MCoP)Click here
AMR Service Providers (ASPCoP)Click here
Terms of ReferenceVersion 2.0 – effective 1 September 2021
Change PanelClick here
Performance Assurance BoardClick here
Cross-Code Steering GroupClick here
Non-binding (Category 3) documentsVersion 2.0 – effective 1 September 2021
REC BaselineComing shortly
Energy Market Data Specification – Standard Definition DocumentClick here

Further Releases

The REC Code Manager is now responsible for the REC Change Process and Release Management of the REC and EMAR. Please access the REC Portal here for the latest REC Change Requests and future release schedule.

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