Energy Theft Tip Off Service

A service operated by Crimestoppers for members of the public to anonymously report suspected theft of gas and electricity.

Crimestoppers will securely notify the tip-off to the relevant gas or electricity supplier for investigation. If the supplier cannot be identified, Crimestoppers will notify the relevant Gas Transporter or electricity Distribution Network Operator for further investigation. 

Members of the public can anonymously contact the service on the following number: 0800 023 2777. Alternatively, a report can be made anonymously at the following link: Report Energy Crime | Stay Energy Safe.

When a tip-off is received, Crimestoppers will match it to the relevant gas or electricity supplier. A report will then be sent to the supplier using a secure email portal. A separate email notification will be provided to a nominated contact at that supplier. Crimestoppers will engage with Xoserve, Gas Transporters and Electricity Distribution Network Operators as necessary to help identify the relevant energy supplier. It will also notify the relevant energy emergency telephone service if there is a safety concern.

Energy Theft is promoted through the Stay Energy Safe brand. There is a public website with general information as well as details on how to report a suspected theft:

From 1 April 2021, we became responsible for the Energy Theft Tip-Off Service, which is contracted to Crimestoppers for delivery. It was previously provided jointly by SPAA Ltd and DCUSA Ltd.

Energy suppliers, Gas Transporters and Electricity Distribution Network Operators are required by the REC Theft Reduction Schedule  to comply with their Energy Theft obligations. They are also required to comply with licence obligations to detect, prevent and investigate energy theft.

Theft Strategy Workshop

Energy Theft

Theft Strategy Workshop

In March we hosted a Theft Strategy workshop to help inform the development of our Theft Strategy, including options for the replacement of the current Theft Risk Assessment Service.   

See below for contact details for suppliers, Gas Transporters, and Electricity Distribution Network Operators for operational issues or if there is a question about the service. 

If you are an existing industry user and have a technical question on access to the Secure Email Portal, please contact Ettos: 

If you are an existing industry user and have a query on a tip-off report that you have been sent through the Secure Email Portal, or the receipt of email notification, please contact Crimestoppers:     

For access to the Stay Energy Safe marketing collateral (material you can use within your Stay Energy Safe marketing), please contact The Pull Agency (operating on behalf of Crimestoppers):

To update the contact details held for your organisation, which are used by Crimestoppers (operational contact, email notification contact or Secure Email Account user details), please contact RECCo:

Requests for additional Secure Email User Accounts should be sent to RECCo:

For general queries not covered above, please contact RECCo:

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