Our Programmes

Our Programme of Work for 2021-2022 will deliver the Retail Energy Code strategic objectives. This means we’ll be prioritising and focusing on delivering our mobilisation and transition programme for September 2021.

RECCo Business Portfolio of Change.

The Business Portfolio of Change is divided in to 2 areas; Inflight and Pipeline.

Inflight Business Change programmes

Inflight change initiatives will ensure the operational readiness of the REC is successful. This will include delivering;

  • The one REC Manager Service
  • The digitalisation of the REC
  • The Transition of existing processes and services
  • Implementation of the Performance Assurance

Pipeline Business Change

Pipeline Change initiatives are projects/programmes that are being undertaken by RECCo to further develop the REC outside of the Ofgem SCR programmes.

Currently they are being defined, scoped and prioritised via the Discovery Stage activities.

We will take forward various initiatives as part of our Energy Theft Reduction Strategy.  This will include, amongst other things, taking forward the Energy Theft Tip-Off Service and theft Detection Incentives Schemes formerly governed under the SPAA and DCUSA. We will also consult on a replacement for the Theft Risk Assessment Service previously provided under those codes. 

As part of the Retail Code Consolidation various metering Code of Practice and other metering related code provisions will be consolidated within the REC. We will undertake a wider review of the enduring metering requirements and consult upon them Autumn 2021, it is expected that this new service will be in place early 2023.

The PoaP (Plan on a Page) gives a high-level visual representation of the Retail Energy Code Co current and future initiatives, highlighting the key and critical milestones to meet the Programme’s objectives.

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