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Our Programmes

Our Programme of Work for 2022-2023 and beyond are focused on driving improvements to our services following Retail Code Consolidation on 1st September 2021 and continuing to provide strategic oversight of the Retail Energy Code (REC) to ensure it evolves to support the changing landscape of the retail energy market and to drive positive consumer outcomes.

Through listening to our stakeholders, RECCo will be prioritising and focusing on delivering activities to support the following areas:

    1. Ensuring Service Providers deliver excellent value for money and services meet stakeholder expectations;
    2. Securing value for money of REC services for REC funding Parties; and
    3. Offering thought leadership and strategic thinking to drive and facilitate positive change within the retail energy market.
Active Programmes

Currently, we have the following active programmes which RECCo is responsible for delivering on behalf of REC Parties, working in conjunction with REC service providers:

  • Switching Programme Implementation
  • Theft Reduction Strategy
  • Introducing Ofgem’s Market stabilisation Charge under the REC
  • the Market-Wide Half-Hour Settlement
  • and the Metering Code of Practice Consolidation Programme

Find more details on our programmes in their dedicated pages.

Our Plan on a Page

RECCo’s Plan on a Page (PoAP) provides  a high-level visual representation of current and future initiatives being undertaken by the RECCo executive team, highlighting the key and critical milestones to meet each Programme’s objectives. You can access the current PoAP here.

RECCo is also in the process of identifying its next steps in further consolidating the metering codes of practice arrangements which were incorporated into the REC under Retail Code Consolidation (RCC) Significant Code Review (SCR). This will include consideration of the consolidation of annual audit requirements upon REC Parties to improve the efficiency of current arrangements.

RECCo will provide further updates on this programme of work following engagement with the REC Metering Expert Panel and RECCo stakeholders to understand the forward work plan.

How can I stay informed?

RECCo will be updating the Programme areas of the website regularly to ensure parties can access the latest updates on each of our current and future initiatives. Our monthly newsletter ‘Inside RECCo’ is also a great way of hearing all about what we are up to and you can subscribe to our newsletter here.

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