Our aim is to be open and transparent by sharing financial and corporate management information where possible with our stakeholders.

Corporate and Financials

The REC and the RECCo Articles of Association together set out the framework for the operation of RECCo.  

Section 5: RECCO and the REC Board of the REC sets out the objectives of our Board, the process for the appointment and removal of our Board Directors and matters relating to the operation of our Board meetings. 

Section 9: Annual Budget and Cost Recovery of the REC sets out our obligations to develop an annual strategy and budget and consult with REC Parties. It also sets out the basis of recoverable costs of RECCo and the mechanism for recovery of such costs from REC Parties.  

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Corporate and Finance

2021/2022 Financial Budget

In January 2021, the Board published its Draft Strategy and Budget for consultation.

Corporate and Finance

2020/2021 Budget Executive Summary

The RECCo 2020/21 Budget has been issued to Contract Managers for approval.

Latest Company Information

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