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Working at RECCo

"We want to put our people right at the heart of our culture"

Why join us?

As a new organisation, we’re at the start of something exciting. An opportunity to build a culture from the ground up with the people, values, and practices that will see us succeed. And by success, we mean a world-class service through innovation, pushing boundaries, raising standards, and offering an outstanding experience to our stakeholders.

We are responsible for something called the Retail Energy Code, which is an extensive set of governance and regulations energy providers are required to follow. But our role goes further and deeper than managing the Code, we are committed to driving innovation and efficiency in the retail energy market, supporting energy providers to deliver excellence, which will in turn benefit consumers.

To do all this we know we need the right people, in the right roles, and to keep them engaged and motivated in our purpose and work. We want to attract and retain the best talent, and see our people turn into our ambassadors, because we offer a supportive, listening culture that puts them first. We are always looking at developing of employee offering and have an extremely attractive rewards and benefits package in place.

About you

As a growing business we are looking for new talent. Do you have skills and experience in:

  • Strategy development, policy or regulation
  • Operations and transformation
  • Service and contract management
  • Stakeholders, people and communications


To find out more about current opportunities to join the RECCo team, please email

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