About the Board

Our board is responsible for the long-term success of the company. It benefits from the proactive skills, forward-looking approach, and specialist knowledge of independent experts. It scrutinises and supports the decisions of the Executive team

Meet the Board

The RECCo Board has been evolving over the past year, moving from an interim Board made up of expert industry representatives to a fully independent Board of directors in April 2022.

Our enduring Board now is made up of a small group of Non-Executive Directors to help guide the organisation: Helen Charlton, Roshan Awatar, Rosa Stewart, David Wylie, and Paul Hallas have experience in consumer matters, data and digitalisation, policy including ‘net-zero’, commercial matters, and the energy supply industry respectively.

We sat down with the five non-executive directors to discuss what first interested them in joining the Board and the important role RECCo can play in the future energy market transition. Find out more through our short video!


Our Board is collectively responsible for the success of the company.  The Board’s role is to: 

  • ensure the Retail Energy Code (Code) is given full and prompt effect in accordance with its provisions, in a manner consistent with the REC Objectives (as defined in the Code), and without undue discrimination between Parties or Users (as defined in the Code) or any classes of Party or User; 
  • ensure the Board conducts its affairs in an open and transparent manner; 
  • promote the long-term sustainable success of the Company; 
  • establish the Company’s purpose, values and strategy and satisfy itself that these and its culture are aligned; 
  • act with integrity, lead by example, and promote the desired culture; 
  • ensure the necessary resources are in place for the Company to meet its objectives and measure performance against them; 
  • establish a framework of prudent and effective controls, which enable risk to be assessed and managed; 
  • ensure effective engagement with, and encourage participation from, shareholders and stakeholders; and  
  • ensure workforce policies and practices are consistent with the Company’s values and support its long-term sustainable success. 

The Board members are expected to perform their duties (whether statutory, fiduciary or common law) faithfully, diligently, and to a standard commensurate with the functions of their role and their knowledge, skills and experience. 

The Board's Role

An interim RECCo Board was first appointed by Ofgem in February 2019, including an independent Chair. The interim Board was drawn from Directors within the existing SPAA Ltd and MRASCo Ltd Boards and was responsible for overseeing the build-up of our capacity and providing immediate support to the Switching Programme ahead of the Switching Programme go-live and the implementation of REC Version 3.0. 

As part of the transition to an enduring and independent Board,  over the past year Ofgem has approved the appointment of five Non-Executive Directors with specialists skills, knowledge and expertise in:

  • Consumer engagement;
  • Data and digital;
  • Procurement and service management;
  • Policy, regulation and Net Zero; and
  • The UK Energy market. 

The RECCo Board appointed a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Sid Cox, in March 2021. Together with the rest of RECCo’s Executive Team, Sid is responsible for developing and retaining the necessary infrastructure and talent resources to enable RECCo to act as an intelligent customer on behalf of industry. 

Our Directors

Chris Anastasi


Appointed: February 2019 

Skills and experience: Dr Chris Anastasi was appointed Chairman in February 2019. He is an expert, Consultant and published author on the energy sector, Climate Change and Stakeholder Engagement. He has led teams in major international companies and in academia and been an advisor to national and international institutions. He is the author of Strategic Stakeholder Engagement and Who Needs Nuclear Power. 

Role at RECCo:  Chairman

Other current appointments: Chairman, SPAA Ltd Executive Committee.

Roshan Awatar

Non-Executive Director

Appointed: June 2021 

Skills and experience: Roshan has spent his entire career in data and technology. Focused on strategy, design and delivery across data and analytics, he has built and led teams through significant transformation and regulatory initiatives across UK and Europe. Roshan is currently Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Lloyds Banking Group, leading teams from Data Strategy and Governance through to Data Science. Prior to LBG he spent the majority of his career in consulting leadership positions, primarily in Financial Services.

Role at RECCo: Digital Non-Executive Director

Other current appointments: Interim Chief Data and Analytics Officer and Group Data and Analytics Strategy Director at Lloyds Banking Group.

Paul Hallas

Non-Executive Director

Appointed: March 2022 

Skills and experience: Paul is an energy industry expert having worked for a number of years at Centrica and within the energy Supplier side of the market. This includes  roles across strategy, commercial and regulation alongside a solid background in energy procurement and hedging.

Role at RECCo: Industry Expert | Non-Executive Director

Helen Charlton

Non-Executive Director

Appointed: June 2021

Skills and experience: Helen has over 20 years’ experience working in the utilities sector in consumer advocacy. Her wide-ranging experience includes policy, regulation, stakeholder engagement, customer research and strategy and provision for vulnerable consumers.  Alongside this she brings experience of working in the charities sector; since August 2019 Helen has been Chair of the British Gas Energy Trust, an independent charitable trust funded solely from donations from British Gas that contributes to the relief of poverty and with a particular focus on fuel poverty.

Role at RECCo: Consumer Non-Executive Director

Rosa Stewart

Non-Executive Director

Appointed: October 2021

Skills and experience: Rosa Stewart is an energy and climate change policy, regulation and communications expert with experience advising on complex and high-profile issues, projects and campaigns. Previously, she was Deputy Director at BEIS where she developed a wide range of energy and climate change policy, and Head of External Relations at the energy supplier SSE (part of OVO Group).

Role at RECCo: Policy, Regulation and Net Zero Non-Executive Director

Other current appointments: Non-Executive Director at the Conservative Environment Network and Publica Group; Senior Advisor at Helmsley Energy; Founder of a home decarbonisation startup in partnership with Founders Factory and Nesta.

David Wylie

Non-Executive Director

Appointed: October 2021

Skills and Experience: David has over 20 years of experience working in Commercial and Procurement roles in the UK and globally across transport, retail and utility sectors. He has worked with organisations to build the capability and delivery of their teams in industries where customers are central, and high performing suppliers and supply chains critical to successful delivery. David is currently Director of Commercial and Procurement at Thames Water and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply.

Role at RECCo: Commercial and Procurement Non-Executive Director

Other current appointments: Board Member/ Treasurer – Thames Estuary Partnership

Board Committees

In line with good corporate governance, the Board has established three sub-committees: Finance and Audit Committee (FAC), Nominations Committee (NC) and Remuneration Committee (RC). Each receives delegated authority from the Board. The FAC’s primary purpose is to support the Board in fulfilling its legal and fiduciary obligations with respect to matters involving the accounting, auditing, financial reporting, and internal control functions of the company. The NC primary purpose is to manage the appointment process for new Board directors and senior members of the RECCo executive team. The RC’s primary purpose is to assist the Board in determining the Company’s remuneration policies. The RC will maintain effective working relationships with the Board, the Company Secretary and HR. 

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