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The Retail Energy Code went live in February 2019. All licensed energy suppliers, gas transporters, electricity distribution network operators and The Data Communication Company (DCC) are required to accede to the Retail Energy Code.


Our purpose is to make it faster and more reliable for consumers to switch their energy suppliers.

We do this by bringing together the code requirements relating to governing retail energy activities and ensuring that consumer outcomes are at the centre of the arrangements.


We’re part-way through a multi-year transformation to become a truly progressive, purpose-led operational business. We have already made significant progress and have continued to work hard to deliver on the commitments of our strategy. This has included:

  • Consolidating, simplifying and maintaining retail governance arrangements
  • Developing and/or maintaining effective and innovative customer-facing solutions
  • Ensuring all the services we provide or fund are cost-efficient and effective
  • Becoming a thought leader and respected authority on retail energy issues.


In 2017, Ofgem decided to develop a new Retail Energy Code (REC) to consolidate existing retail provisions, mainly set out in the Master Registration Agreement (MRA) and Supply Point Administration Agreement (SPAA), and to later include retail provisions relating to the new switching arrangements following the implementation of the Central Switching Service (CSS).

We were set up to enable the implementation of the REC in an effective and efficient way, overseeing the delivery of REC objectives on behalf of REC Parties. This meant procuring code management services to proactively deliver the operational elements of the REC, to implement strategies and maintain service excellence within an innovative and continuous service improvement framework.

We went live in February 2019. All licenced energy suppliers, gas transporters, electricity distribution network operators and the Data Communications Company are required to accede to the Retail Energy Code.


Our objective is to oversee the development of the Retail Energy Code, enabling it to achieve its mission.

“We will facilitate the efficient and effective running of the retail energy market, including its systems and processes. We’ll do this through promoting innovation, competition and delivering positive customer outcomes”.


We plan to build effective and collaborative relationships with REC Parties, Service Providers, other code bodies, policy makers and stakeholders and take a ‘digital-first’ approach for all that we do.

These strategic aims and ways of working form our five core values:

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