Our API Gateway consultation is now open!

As we continue to grow, we are becoming responsible for an increasing number of services frequently used by the energy industry. Different service providers supply and maintain these services using their own Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), which allow users to authenticate, interact and communicate with them. To effectively manage these services going forward, we are proposing the introduction of an API gateway. Our consultation on this is now live, and we welcome your feedback. Read the consultation in full here.

What is an Application Programming Interface (API) gateway?

An API gateway is a management tool between the end user and a collection of backend services. By introducing an API gateway to the services we are responsible for, REC Parties will be able to access them using one simplified interface.

The RECCo API Gateway will integrate with existing and new services when they are procured, resulting in most services being accessed via the gateway over time.  The API Gateway will provide numerous benefits to RECCo and its service users, including the provision of a single point of access that will result in:

  • Improved security;
  • Improved visibility of service use;
  • Standardised traffic management; and
  • A better developer experience.

Read our consultation and respond

Our consultation assesses the introduction of an API gateway in full including the strategic benefits, risks and mitigations, the economic impact on its service users, and how it should be delivered, managed, and evolve.  We have also included a series of questions we would like you to answer. Your responses will inform our business case and implementation of the service.

Read the consultation in full here.

Please respond to this consultation by 16th October 2023 via our interactive online form here. If you would rather submit your questions via email, there is a copy of the questions at the end of the consultation document which you can complete and return to info@retailenergycode.co.uk 

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