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Our API gateway consultation is coming soon

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Our API gateway consultation is coming soon

As RECCo matures as an organisation, we are becoming responsible for an increasing number of services frequently used by the energy industry. Different service providers supply and maintain these services, typically utilising their own Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), allowing users to authenticate, interact and communicate with them. To effectively manage these services going forward, we are proposing the introduction of an API gateway and will soon be asking for your feedback on this. Learn more below.

What is an Application Programming Interface (API) gateway?

An API gateway is a management tool between the end user and a collection of backend services. By introducing an API gateway to the services we are responsible for, REC Parties will be able to access them using one simplified interface. This will also provide improvements in security, service visibility and efficiency.

Notably, the API gateway is a key enabler and industry-standard approach to effective API management. The benefits introduced would be realised across the RECCo services architecture and will support a gradual move to microservices architecture. Microservices architecture is an architectural style for developing applications which allow separation into smaller, independent parts providing greater flexibility for currently unknown use cases. For REC services, this allows the flexibility for continuous improvement. You can learn more about this via our data and digitalisation webinar here.

Look out for our consultation

We will launch an industry-wide consultation in early October to provide more insight into our proposal for an API gateway and gather specific feedback about industry needs. We aim to address all industry needs in our business planning.

The consultation will be posted here on our website and notifications will go out via Linked In.

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