Ongoing progress to improve the Change of Tenancy process

Following our October webinar, we are pleased to share the progress made on improving the non-domestic energy market’s Change of Tenancy (CoT) process.

The Change of Tenancy process requires improvement

Last year, we conducted workshops with non-domestic suppliers and brokers to gain insight into the challenges they were facing in the energy market. One of the main issues that emerged was the possible misuse of the Change of Tenancy flag and objection process, which is detrimental to consumers. This was consistent with Ofgem’s findings from its review of the non-domestic market, available on its website here.

In October 2023, we hosted a webinar where we gathered feedback on initial proposals to strengthen the CoT process and address the highlighted problems.

Change Proposal R0155 is in motion

Following this, we submitted Change Proposal R0155 to improve the process and fix the identified issues. This proposal is now moving forward under the REC Change process, and the REC Code Manager seeks the support of all stakeholders.

Starting in January 2024, the Code Manager is conducting workshops with non-domestic suppliers and brokers to collect feedback during the development of the solution. The development and analysis of the solution is scheduled to run until April 2024, and once a solution has been developed, the team will move to assessing the impact of the proposed changes. A timetable for these activities will be confirmed by the Code Manager going forward.

We’re pleased to see this progressing and know that the future holds the promise of a strengthened CoT process that enhances efficiency, transparency and consumer protection in an evolving energy landscape.

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