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Welcome to the latest edition of ‘Inside RECCo’.

This month’s newsletter provides stakeholders with an update on our progress in delivering the RECCo Strategy and Forward Work Plan, published in April.

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RECCo response to Ofgem’s Forward Work Plan

In January, Ofgem’s Forward Work Programme was published for consultation.

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RECCo is delighted to announce the appointment of a new Non-Executive Director

The RECCo Board is continuing to evolve as it moves to the enduring model of independent Non-Executive Directors. Paul Hallas joins the Board this March.

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Inside RECCo, Issue 9

Welcome to Issue 9 of ‘Inside RECCo’. 2022 is a year of significant development for the REC and we are already making good progress.

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RECCo response to Citizens Advice – Draft Consumer Work Plan 2022/23

RECCo observe many synergies and opportunities to collaborate with Citizens Advice in meeting mutual ambitions.


We have a vacancy

RECCo is looking for a Metering Governance Contractor

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RECCo Strategy and Forward Workplan 2022-2025 Consultation – Response Summary

For full transparency, RECCo has developed a written response to the key themes provided by stakeholders in response to the draft Strategy and Forward Work plan for 2022-2025 Consultation

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Financial Budget 2022/23

On 4th of February 2022, RECCo Board published its Financial Budget for 2022-2023.

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RECCo response to Ofgem’s consultations on interventions to address risks to consumers from market volatility

RECCo responds to Ofgems suite of consultations on retail energy market resilience and reporting.

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Inside RECCo, Issue 8

Welcome to Issue 8 of ‘Inside RECCo’. The new year has found the team refreshed and ready to face all that 2022 may bring!

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RECCo response to BEIS low carbon heat pump consultations

As part of the Heat and Building Strategy, BEIS published a suite of consultations focused on off gas grid transition to low carbon heating.

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RECCo’s Stakeholder Strategy Workshop in December

On 11th January 2022 RECCo Board published its strategy, forward work plan for 2022- 2025, and associated financial projection, open for consultation until the closing date of 1st February 2022.

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RECCo’s Stakeholder Pulse Survey Series

In our commitment to continually improve the Code Manager service, RECCo recently published the first of a series of stakeholder ‘pulse’ surveys to understand initial experiences following the go-live of the new service in September 2021.

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RECCo response to DCC Price Control consultation

Ofgem also published its consultation on DCC price control for the regulatory year 2020/21. RECCo will, in due course, assume the responsibility for overseeing and funding the DCC

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RECCO response to Ofgem Default Tariff Consultations and Open letter

RECCo welcomes the work Ofgem is doing to resolve some of the challenges in the retail energy market.

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Inside RECCo, Issue 7

Welcome to the December edition of Inside RECCo. As we approach the end of 2021, it’s important to reflect on the past year.

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RECCo is looking for your views on upcoming priorities for 2022-23 and beyond

In the coming months we will be considering where our focus and priorities should lie for 2022/23 and beyond. We would like to hear your views.

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REC Version 3.0 Drafting Update

As part of the Ofgem’s Switching Significant Code Review (SCR), RECCo is developing the REC V3.0 drafting.

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RECCo Executive Highlights November 2021

November ’21 Board meeting. The RECCo Board meets on a monthly basis. We publish the key messages…

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RECCo is delighted to announce the appointment of two new Non-Executive Directors

The RECCo Board is evolving with four Non-Executive Directors now formerly designated by Ofgem following two independent and competitive processes.

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Inside RECCo, Issue 6

Welcome to the latest edition of Inside RECCo. It continues to be a challenging month for the energy industry and as ever, we want to support our stakeholders as best we can.

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