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Meet Leanne – our new Interim HR, People and Culture Manager

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Meet Leanne – our new Interim HR, People and Culture Manager

Leanne joined us in August as Interim HR, People and Culture Manager. As we continue to grow our team, we sat down with her to ask what encouraged her to join RECCo and how she’d like to shape the organisation during her time here.

Hi Leanne, welcome to RECCo! First of all, can you tell us a little about you?

My background spans various industries. My most recent position was Head of People at Gfinity Global Gaming and Esports. Before this role, I gained valuable experience in the energy sector, guiding teams at PFP Energy and ESG Global. In the initial stages of my HR career, I worked in the manufacturing field and factory-based food production.

This journey has provided me with a broad understanding of various industries. Regardless of the sector, my commitment lies in placing our people at the centre of our business. I take pride in creating an environment where our people thrive and remain at the heart of everything we do.

And what about your new role – what will you be responsible for at RECCo?

I will be responsible for RECCo’s People and Culture capacity. In addition to overseeing the daily operations of the HR function, I will be developing processes spanning the entire employee journey. This involves everything from elevating our employer brand awareness to smoothly onboarding fresh talent and providing guidance for career growth and advancement.

You are one week into your role; what are your thoughts so far?

The team comes across as a fantastic group of people. From the handful of conversations I have had so far, it is clear we have many highly skilled and passionate people on board. While there is quite a bit for me to wrap my head around about RECCo as a business, I am confident that with the support from our team, I will be up to speed in no time.

Another refreshing observation is that the well-being offerings available mirror the internal feeling of support, and it is clear that RECCo really wants the best for its team members.

We’ve been talking about our streamlined recruitment process lately – what was your experience?

The recruitment journey was a real standout for me. Clear, efficient, and informative. Creating a positive experience for candidates is a true passion of mine. I am a firm believer that it is crucial for employers to shine to catch the attention of top-notch talent. Making a memorable impression sets you apart from the pack. Stepping into the candidate’s shoes gave me a perspective on how RECCo does things during the recruitment and onboarding phases.

From the get-go, when that first interview was lined up to the day I joined, I felt nothing but a warm welcome. The whole journey was engaging from start to finish.

We’re quite a new company, and as such, we’re continuing to develop our policies and culture. Are there any aspects of HR that you’re passionate about and would like to develop at RECCo?

I find all areas of HR truly engaging, but my passions involve employee experience, engagement, and cultivating a positive workplace culture. I am enthusiastic about carrying forward the impressive strides achieved already. Moreover, I am keen on delving into fresh avenues, including training, development, and benefits. My main objective is to ensure that RECCo remains a fantastic workplace for our current team members and those who will join us in the future.

Thanks for sharing, and welcome again.

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