Meet Anna – our new Senior Analyst

Anna Weeks joined our Operations Team as a Senior Analyst in December. We recently talked with her to understand her motivations for joining RECCo and her aspirations for the future as she transitions to a new company after twenty years at Elexon.

Hi Anna, welcome to RECCo! First of all, can you tell us a little about you?

Thank you. I am excited to join the RECCo team and have been extremely grateful for the warm welcome and support from my new colleagues.

During my time at Elexon, I undertook a variety of roles and was a member of the project team that introduced British Electricity Transmission and Trading Arrangements and the new Balancing and Settlement Code Services Agreement.

Most recently, I worked in the Assurance team to agree on plans to address Settlement issues, implement derogations to support the industry during the pandemic, and consider the changes to Elexon’s assurance approach to support Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement.

What will you be responsible for at RECCo?

I am going to be focused on the delivery and continuous improvement of the Retail Energy Code (REC) Code Manager Services. I’ll work with them to enhance the user experience.

What attracted you to RECCo?

I am looking forward to working on the retail side of the energy industry, with a focus on the end customer. It’s exciting to work on developing the services to support a recently implemented Code.

How do you hope to drive performance across our Code Manager partners?

I am keen to understand the feedback from REC service users and their priorities. The latest survey should provide some valuable insight into our stakeholder’s views.

I will collaborate with the services to develop plans to improve on high-priority areas. RECCo and the Code Manager can then monitor progress on this together. I am excited to have meetings with stakeholders during the implementation of the plans. This will help us identify the areas that are working well and understand where changes may not have produced the expected results. By doing so, we can make necessary adjustments to the plans.

There may be instances where issues are harder to resolve and require more detailed plans and agreements across the services. It will be important to understand these dependencies, too, so they can be addressed.

We’re about to publish our Strategy and Forward Work Plan covering the next three years. What projects are you most eager to see progress on?

I recently met with Jonathan Hawkins (RECCo’s Interim Director of Operational Programmes), who gave me a fantastic overview of all RECCo’s projects.

As my key focus is the continuous improvement of the Code Manager, I am keen to see how the plans to evolve the REC Code Manager services develop. I’m looking forward to the webinar in January to learn about our vision and key priorities for 2024-27, including how RECCo plan to improve the retail energy market, promote innovation, and deliver positive consumer outcomes.

Thanks, Anna and welcome to the team again!

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