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RECCo and the REC Code Manager are pleased to invite you to a walkthrough of the proposed Market Stabilisation Charge (MSC) arrangements on 22 April 2022 (14:00 – 15:30), to be held virtually via Teams.

Introduced by Ofgem under Licence Condition 24A, this new measure will require all Suppliers acquiring a domestic customer to pay the MSC to the losing Supplier. This is a volumetric charge and represents a proportion of the economic loss to the losing Supplier for the energy purchased on behalf of their customer.

At this session, we will explain the approach taken in developing the necessary legal drafting of two REC Change Proposals being progressed to introduce this scheme.

R0034 will be implemented on 14 April 2022 and gives effect to the MSC from the date it becomes effective in licence.
R0035, which covers the administrative aspects of the scheme, was issued for Initial Assessment on 08 April 2022, and will be subsequently consulted upon from 13 May 2022.
This event aims to support REC Parties responding to the Initial Assessment and Consultation phases for R0035, and will provide the opportunity to ask questions of the Code Manager, RECCo and Ofgem.

The session will be recorded and will be made available via the REC Portal after the event. Register for this event by visiting the REC Code Manager’s Eventbrite page.

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