Join the Switching Advisory Forum as we plan for the potential transfer of the Central Registration Service

Ofgem launched a consultation on the future of the Central Registration Service (CRS) on 21st May as part of the broader DCC Review Phase 2. This consultation seeks feedback on the proposal to remove the CRS provision from the DCC License and transfer the obligation to the Retail Energy Code (REC), managed by RECCo. Stakeholders have until 16th July 2024, to submit their views.

In preparation for the potential transfer, which was first discussed by Ofgem in August 2023 and as set out in our Forward Work Plan 2024-27, a comprehensive work programme was established in 2023/24 to prepare for the potential transition. This includes a detailed delivery and transition plan, underpinned by due diligence of the existing commercial and contractual arrangements.

Our goal is to ensure a smooth transfer of responsibilities by September 2025, subject to Ofgem’s decision.

We are establishing a Switching Advisory Forum

To support the CRS Transfer project, we are establishing a Switching Advisory Forum (SAF). This small group of industry stakeholders will provide informal advice to the project team.

The primary function of the SAF will be to offer guidance, perspectives, and insights from experienced service users throughout the project lifecycle. By engaging with stakeholders in this group, we aim to ensure that end-user views and needs are fully considered and integrated into our future service delivery model and transition plans.

Join the Switching Advisory Forum

We are inviting nominations from industry stakeholders for positions on the Switching Advisory Forum. The group will hold monthly virtual meetings, each lasting 2 hours, until Ofgem’s decision is published. If the decision supports transferring the service to RECCo, the meetings will continue until the transfer of the service, including a period of hypercare afterwards. Where necessary, extended meetings or extraordinary meetings may also be scheduled.

Who we’re looking for

Representation from REC Parties and users of the CRS is crucial, and we seek diverse perspectives to ensure comprehensive coverage. Nominations are specifically requested from:

  • Suppliers – at least 3 representatives (to ensure representation from gas and electricity, non-domestic and domestic, larger and smaller Suppliers)​;
  • Network Parties – at least 2 representatives (1 Distribution Network Operator and 1 Gas Transporter)​;
  • Non-REC Party Service Users and independent SMEs.

To join the SAF, individuals must have:

  • Direct experience of interacting with the CRS​;
  • Knowledge of REC governance and processes​;
  • The ability to act independently from the commercial interests of their respective organisations, especially when such interests might conflict with the demands and requirements of the market;
  • Willingness to treat all information confidentially and sign a confidentiality agreement​;
  • Independence from, with no conflict of interest with, current CRS Service Providers.

Submit your nomination

 If you are interested in joining the SAF and contributing to the future of the CRS, please submit your nomination using the form below by 7th June 2024.

Please note that while all nominations received are appreciated, not all may be accepted depending on nominees’ volume and breadth/depth of expertise.

Join us in shaping the future of the CRS and ensuring a seamless transition that benefits the entire energy sector.

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