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Introducing the Review of Energy Theft Processes

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Introducing the Review of Energy Theft Processes

RECCo has published a ‘Review of Energy Theft Processes‘ report and a comprehensive set of Energy Theft process maps, a vital step in RECCo’s ongoing efforts to combat Energy Theft within the energy industry.

Commissioned by RECCo, Capgemini conducted a thorough assessment of the existing Energy Theft processes, with the primary goal of producing an insightful report and a set of process maps. These resources are designed to achieve several key objectives:

  • Provide a holistic overview of end-to-end industry processes.
  • Identify the applicable current license and code requirements.
  • Highlight areas where industry awareness and understanding of processes may be lacking.
  • Identify gaps within the end-to-end process, where no REC Party holds a clear role and responsibility.
  • Recognise deficiencies in current industry monitoring and reporting.
  • Propose recommendations for RECCo’s consideration.

The invaluable insights derived from the ‘Review of Energy Theft Processes’ report will serve as a cornerstone for RECCo’s collaboration with the energy industry. These insights will guide RECCo’s collective efforts to enhance the detection, reporting, prevention, and awareness of Energy Theft.

Where can I access the process maps?

Both the report and the process maps are readily accessible on the ‘Energy Theft Reduction Information and Guidance’ page of the Energy Theft Reduction Hub, available on the REC Portal. This dedicated part of the REC Portal serves as a hub of information and guidance related to the Energy Theft Reduction Strategy. Please note that access to this section of the REC Portal is restricted to REC Parties and authorised users.

If you require access, contact the REC Service Desk to request it.

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