Introducing ERIN: The REC’s new AI tool

At RECCo, we’re committed to staying at the forefront of digital innovation. That’s why we’re excited to unveil ‘ERIN’, the REC’s cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool. ERIN, which stands for Energy Resource Information Network, is your AI-powered assistant designed to revolutionise your interaction with the REC, answering your REC-related questions in just seconds.

Wondering how to raise an Alternative Change Proposal? Searching for your obligations on a REC process? Curious about the REC rules on sealing pliers? ERIN has you covered. Simply type your question, and ERIN will swiftly search the REC and its supporting documents, providing you with a tailor-made answer. The tool will even provide hyperlinks to further information.

Click here to meet ERIN and ask your questions today!

How can you use ERIN?

You can access ERIN on the REC Digital Navigator or from the REC Portal. Simply type in your question, and ERIN will provide you with the answer and hyperlinks to relevant documents. The answers are colour-coded as red, amber, and green to ensure accuracy. The green colour indicates that the source for the answer has been verified. If the answer has been provided, but the source has not been verified, it will be coloured amber, and you should treat the answer with caution. If ERIN cannot find the answer in the REC, the response will be coloured red.

What information does ERIN use?

ERIN searches over 100 documents, including the REC Schedules, the data specification, operational documents, and guidance documents. Every time there is a REC release or update to REC supporting documents, ERIN will reflect this.

Give your feedback

ERIN is an AI-powered tool that strives to provide helpful responses. Your feedback is crucial to help improve its performance over time. You can rate the answer by clicking the thumbs-up or down icon. If you select thumbs down, you will have the option to provide comments. The Code Manager reviews all feedback to refine the tool and ensure it meets your needs.

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