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Introducing consumer consent into the retail energy market

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Introducing consumer consent into the retail energy market

We recently released our 2023-26 Forward Work Plan, which outlines our priorities for the coming years. One of our main goals is to establish a consumer consent system across the industry. We’ve made progress in identifying the barriers to consent, categorizing the UK population into different groups, and laying the foundation for the consent system. Our Director of Data, Technology and Transformation, Pete Davies, has published a paper explaining why it’s crucial to introduce an industry-wide consumer consent system in the energy sector. You can read the full paper here. We welcome feedback from stakeholders to help us move forward with this important project.

What is consumer consent?

In simple terms, consumer consent means that an individual has willingly and explicitly agreed to allow the collection, processing, and disclosure of their personal data. In the energy industry, we strongly believe that implementing a market-wide consumer consent system is crucial to enhance trust and promote active participation in the market. This system will ensure that consumers have full control over their data and can make informed decisions about how it is used.

Read the paper and provide your feedback

You can read the paper in full here. You can also read our previous paper; “we’re working towards open data principles for the retail energy code.”

We value your input on this paper and our industry engagements. Your feedback will assist us in determining our next course of action. Please submit your feedback to

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