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Interactive Industry Session

Interactive Industry Session

The REC Code Manager hosted an interactive session to discuss REC Market Entry, In-flight Market Entry for those part way through the MRA entry process and the new Annual Maintenance requirements.

The event provided a brief overview to each of the topics and opened to questions from participants.

Please also refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page, for answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Video 1: Market Entry and In-Flight Market Entry

  • Retail Energy Code Accession
  • Business Solutions Testing
  • Internal Testing
  • External Testing
  • (please refer to the Annual Maintenance video for details on Information Security and Data Protection)
  • REC Party pre-requisites
  • Non-Party REC Service User pre-requisites
  • Meter Equipment Managers (MEMs)
  • Transitioning between MRA And REC Market Entry

Video 2: Annual Maintenance

  • Annual Statement
  • Compliance Statement
  • External Assessment (including Information Security and Data Protection (ISDP))
  • System or Process Change Disclosure

Interactive Industry Session

Read through the meeting material here.

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