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Interactive Industry Session – 15 September 2021

Report Catalogue

The REC Code Manager is pleased to invite you a follow-up interactive session to discuss the data requirements within the Report Catalogue, focusing on the updates made following the previous session held on 27 July. This session will be held on Wednesday 15th September 2021 from 09:30 – 10:30am. Please visit the following link to register your attendance here.

The event will address any Report Catalogue related questions on the updated performance assurance report catalogue which is available here, along with the recording and slides from the Report Catalogue  industry session held on 27 July (here) and responses to the questions received up to 20 August (here).

The key changes made to the report catalogue are outlined below.

Timeliness of Data Submission

  • In response to the concerns raised by the industry around providing data 5WD after the end of the month, we have introduced an initial 1 month lag for submitting data items. Once confidence in reporting processes have become established, we may look to reduce the length of the period between report cut-off date and submission date over time.
    • In practice this would mean for example:
      • Monthly data would be required on the first working day of the second month (e.g. January data would now be required on the first working day of March)
      • Quarterly (or other frequency) data: would be required on the first working day of the second month of the following quarter (e.g. January – March data would be required by the first working day of May)

Existing Data Reports

  • Data already provided under existing arrangements and/or already reported under existing obligations (e.g. Ofgem complaints reporting) will be required for performance period September 2021 (to be submitted by the first working day in November). Please refer to the report catalogue for full details, but this includes the following: item 101 (Ofgem Complaints Data), existing PPMIP performance reports (items 1240 – 1310), item 1330 (SMIS previously existing SMICoP report) and item 1340 (Supplier Theft Files).

New Data Reports

  • With the exception of the Existing Data Reports and Data reports obtained from central systems, the other data requests are being phased in and will not be required until January 2022. Data submitted on (or before) the first working day of January 2022 and should cover the period 1 September 2021-30 November 2021. Note if parties wish to submit reports prior to January 2022, including to confirm processes and any validation questions the facility to do so will be available.

We would like to thank the industry participants for submitting their clarification questions so far and for continuing to support the Code Manager in the run up to go-live. We would encourage further questions to be submitted in advance of the event to We also welcome questions and interactive discussion during the event.

We look forward to seeing you at the event on Wednesday 15th September 2021 at 9.30am.

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