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Interactive Digital REC

Presenting EMAR: The Future of Interaction with the Digital REC

Providing the opportunity to understand and shape the future of code digitalisation.

In May the REC Code Manager explored how your organisation will interact with the Digital REC and use the EMAR to manage change and connect with others in the RECCo Community. The session was relevant to all parties to the REC including, Suppliers, Metering Organisations, Distribution Network Operators, Central Bodies and Code Administrators.

In our webinar, we brought together our experts to:

  • Align on the benefits of digitalising the management of codes for consumers, the wider energy industry and our net zero ambition
  • Gain insight on the overall codes roadmap and how it will enable you to manage change more effectively going forward
  • Understand what your organisation will use EMAR for and how you will interact with it
  • Build a joint view of where and how EMAR could be further evolved to meet your collective needs, now and in the future

The sessions are available to watch below:


Sid Cox, Our CEO, who kicked off the session with a reminder of why Digital REC is an exciting part of the future of energy retail market by taking us through the core objectives and vision that is driving RECCo forward. 

Benefits of digitalising the management of REC 

Pete King, REC Code Manager Technical Lead, brings to life why digitising the Retail Energy Code will be a key change enabler for the industry. He introduces the concept of the digital energy code of tomorrow as an electric car, with the EMAR, being the engine that will get the industry to our destinations at pace, with more ease and flexibility.

Overview of the Digital REC and EMAR

Rosalind Timperley, REC Code SME, provided insight on the elements that make up the Digital REC and EMAR. She introduces the components from which Digital REC is built from, and how they all fit together in EMAR, the repository that holds the code data that can be linked to, controlled and manipulated.

How you will use EMAR

Charles Mason, EMAR Architecture Lead, shares a demonstration of how users will navigate EMAR. He uses a number of what will become ‘everyday scenarios’ to show users what they will experience in using the tool and how it will change their future ways of working.

How the Digital REC supports change

Rosalind Timperley explains how the Digital REC will support the REC change process, enabling its users to understand the scope of a change, to assess a change and prepare an impact analysis, to manage streams within the Digital REC and finally to use it to support business systems and processes.

Introducing the codes roadmap

Anindita Basumatary, REC Code Manager Technical Change Lead, introduces the Codes Roadmap, and how it serves as a ‘guidebook’ within the Digital REC providing a clear path for our future direction, enabling us to control the pace and direction of change towards the six proposed strategic themes.

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