Inside RECCo, Issue 5

Welcome to the September edition of the RECCo newsletter, ‘Inside RECCo'

We are now four weeks into Retail Code Consolidation and the launch of our new services. Under the REC, Committees have now been established and the first Change Proposals are being progressed ahead of the November Release. Find out all about early live operations from the RECCo team and what their focus will be in coming months!

Inside this month’s edition you’ll find:

  • A welcome from our CEO, Sid Cox
  • The enduring role of RECCo
  • Find out the latest on RECCo’s Theft Reduction Strategy programme
  • Hear from the REC Change Panel Chair on aspirations for the REC Change Process
  • A spotlight Interview with the the REC Code Manager’s Performance Assurance team
  • Find out what we are doing as a response to all your feedback
  • An introduction to our very own, Brian O’shea
  • Dates for the diary

If you have any comments on the newsletter or have any suggestions for future content you’d like from the RECCo team, please contact


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