Improving REC Services: Key Insights from our Annual Survey

We’re pleased to present the outcomes of our REC Services Annual Satisfaction Survey. This report includes satisfaction scores for each REC Service and valuable stakeholder insights on how our Services are performing and where the improvements should focus. It also outlines the plans we have in place to elevate our services in the upcoming 2024/25 year and we will be keeping you updated with progress during our new quarterly reporting cycle. Your feedback is instrumental in our journey to meet and exceed the standards we’ve set for ourselves and that you rightly expect.

About the survey

In October 2023, we partnered with Researchcraft to conduct the REC Services Annual Satisfaction Survey. We extended invitations to over 700 stakeholders and received responses from 68 people from various organisations in the retail energy market who generously shared in-depth feedback.

The survey gathered quantitative and qualitative feedback from users across all core REC Services, which we’re responsible for managing and delivering on behalf of the industry. For the first time this year, we asked participants about their experience with the Gas Enquiry Service (GES) and Meter Scheme Audit Services (MSAS).

Across all areas of feedback, we received diverse responses and attracted a comprehensive range of service users’ viewpoints. Our data shows that:

  • 76% of respondents report working in the energy market for more than 10 years;
  • 66% of respondents interact with REC Services at least once a week, and;
  • 37% of respondents are directly involved in REC working groups, committees or meetings.

Key highlights

Overall, our services scored well in the survey, with stakeholders like you rating the Electricity Enquiry Service (7.7/10 average satisfaction rating, where 1 is ‘extremely dissatisfied’ and 10 is ‘extremely satisfied’) and the Gas Enquiry Service (7.2/10) particularly highly. Your appreciation for our Code Manager service (7.0/10), especially regarding the valued Operational Account Managers (OAMs), the delivery and administration of our REC Committees and overall professionalism, is greatly appreciated.

However, clear areas for focus include the usability and interactivity of the REC Portal and the EMAR, the REC Change Process, and the REC Performance Assurance arrangements. These continue to echo feedback heard through other engagement channels with stakeholders and align with the priorities we outlined in our Strategy and Forward Work Plan for 2024-2027.

Read the report

Read the report in full to see key insights in each area and our response.

Next steps

We are committed to informing stakeholders about our progress and continuous improvement efforts across our services for 2024/25. Starting from July 2024, we will provide regular updates through our new quarterly reporting cycle.

You can stay updated by subscribing to our monthly newsletter, ‘Inside RECCo,’ or by following the weekly Code Manager Bulletin.

We value your feedback. Please let us know your suggestions for future reports by completing this short survey.

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