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How we promote flexibility, well-being and happiness at RECCo

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How we promote flexibility, well-being and happiness at RECCo


April 6th is Employee Benefits Day, an International Day of Recognition for workplace benefits packages and those who create them. We’ve grown significantly in the last year from 15 employees to 28, and we’re currently recruiting, so it’s a great time to look at the benefits we offer at RECCo.

We’re flexible


Post-pandemic, work-life balance has become more critical than ever. Whilst many companies have shifted to allowing remote work in recent years, we were proud to introduce remote work from the start. This allows us to employ experts from all over the country. For those who prefer a hybrid approach, we also have an office in London – conveniently located next to Kings Cross train station.

We promote financial, mental and physical wellbeing


We know that to get the best people in our team, we must provide the best environment for them to thrive. This means having a holistic approach to our benefits, where we aim to support our employees in many different areas of their lives.

Financially, we provide a competitive base salary. But we also go above and beyond to provide:

  • An annual bonus
  • Enhanced employer pension contributions
  • Enhanced parental leave and pay
  • A perks website with retail discounts
  • An electric vehicle salary sacrifice scheme

We’re committed to doing what we can to have a healthy, happy workforce. We support our employees’ mental and physical health through the following:

  • Private health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • A holiday buy and sell scheme
  • An online wellbeing hub, including self-help resources
  • An employee assistance programme
  • A monthly well-being allowance

What do our employees say?


Jenny, our Marketing Manager, highlights the well-being allowance as an essential benefit for her. “The benefit that stands out monthly to me is the well-being allowance. I use mine to pay for an exercise subscription, which I otherwise would probably see as an expense that’s hard to justify during the cost-of-living crisis. In reality, frequent exercise is essential for maintaining my mental and physical health. Having the well-being allowance as an additional benefit separate from my pay encourages me to focus the spending on my health.”

Jonny Moore, our Operations Consultant, says, “‘I’ve found the available benefits to be really generous and flexible. The monthly Well-being Allowance and Annual Learning Budget are two great examples of how the benefits can be tailored to an individual’s needs. The focus on work-life balance is also progressive, allowing employees to get the best out of themselves from a work perspective and enjoy life away from work.”

Find out more


You can read our complete list of benefits (which includes development and charitable giving) here.

Have a suggestion for a benefit we’ve missed? Please email us at

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