Faster Switching

Switching faster, switching smarter


The Switching Programme objective is to improve consumers’ experience of switching, leading to greater engagement in the retail energy market.

For this to happen, a new, faster, more reliable and cost-effective switching process needs to be designed and implemented.

This will build consumer confidence and enable and encourage competition and innovation, delivering better outcomes for consumers.

Leading this transformational Switching Programme, Ofgem, with the Data Communications Company as its key delivery partner, will deliver a new Central Switching Service to facilitate the new switching arrangements, expected to go live during summer 2022.

The Retail Energy Code places transitional obligations on market participants to facilitate the effective and timely delivery of the Switching Programme. As we move closer to go-live, it will govern the enduring operation of the new Central Switching Service.

You can find out more about the Switching Programme here or contact


You can read Ofgem’s latest consultation on the Retail Energy Code here. This publication puts forward questions on the enduring Retail Energy Code, its schedules, proposed governance, delivery approach, as well as the licence modifications and changes to other industry codes that will deliver both the Switching Programme and wider retail code consolidation.

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