ERIN is now even better at answering your questions!

In October 2023, we launched the first Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool designed to assist REC Parties and other industry members. Using Generative AI, ERIN, which stands for Energy Resource Information Network, is engineered to respond rapidly to REC-related questions in seconds.

We’ve now released a number of enhancements to the tool to make it even better at providing the REC information you need.

What is ERIN?

ERIN is an AI tool created to open up the REC and improve accessibility. It is trained specifically to answer questions on the REC. Simply type in your question, and ERIN will search the REC and supporting documents to generate an answer in seconds. It will also provide hyperlinks to relevant source documents.

When generating answers, ERIN searches over 100 documents, including the REC Schedules, the REC Data Specification, operational documents, and guidance documents.

Latest enhancements

The latest updates to ERIN aim to enhance the user experience and optimise performance. Front-end improvements have been made to the way source documentation is displayed, with the tool now highlighting the text it has used to generate each answer for ease of reference. On the back end, improvements include upgrading the open-source AI used within ERIN to aid answer quality and optimising the generation of hyperlinks to source documents to increase response speeds.

“At RECCo, we’re committed to staying at the forefront of digital innovation. Through ERIN, we are opening up the Retail Energy Code, making it more accessible than ever before. We’ve already seen a strong uptake of our tool by energy suppliers and distributors, particularly. These latest updates come in response to user feedback, and we will continue to adapt ERIN to the evolving needs of energy market participants.”

Tracy Hardy, Head of Portfolio Management at RECCo

Have you met ERIN yet?

If you have a question about the REC, why not ask ERIN? You can find ERIN on the REC Digital Navigator here (you will need to log in with your REC Portal account).

Give us your feedback

Every time you use ERIN, you can provide feedback on the tool using the handy thumbs-up/down icons. If you select thumbs down, you’ll be given the option to provide comments. We continuously review the feedback received and plan future enhancements with that feedback in mind, so please do tell us how you find the tool itself and the quality of the answers it provides. You’ll be helping us make ERIN even better in future.

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