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Currently, companies holding a Gas Supplier, Electricity Supplier, Gas Transporter, Electricity Distribution or Smart Communications licence are required to accede to and comply with the Retail Energy Code.

Companies who have a supply licence but are not yet active can accede when they are ready to. These companies should be aware that they won’t be able to acquire customers once the Central Switching Systems goes live, if they have not completed entry testing/requirements. 

Yes. Non-domestic suppliers who offer only fixed term contracts will have processes that will be handled by the new Central Switching Service in accordance with the Retail Energy Code. 

Also, while the designated v1.0 of the Retail Energy Code is focused on transitional requirements to deliver the Switching Programme, the code will in due course provide most, if not all, of the industry governance of retail arrangements, whether domestic or non-domestic. 

To accede to the Retail Energy Code please contact

Each limited company will need accede to the Retail Energy Code. If the two licences were held by the same limited company, then one accession agreement would be fine as the agreement is between the company and RECCo.

The designated version of the Retail Energy Code, being focused on transitional requirements to deliver the Switching Programme, is subject to the Switching Programme change control process and governance.

Costs associated with operation of the Retail Energy Code are funded by Supplier Parties. These costs are calculated on a market share basis, defined by each Supplier’s share of the total number of Registrable Measurement Points in the market.


AMICoP Approved Meter Installers Code of Practice
AMO Association of Meter Operators
AMR Automated Meter Reading
AQ Annual Quantity
ASPCoP AMR Service Providers Code of Practice
AUGE Allocation of Unidentified Gas Expert
BATS Balance Agreement and Transfer for Smart
BSC Balancing and Settlement Code
CA Code Administrator
CACoP Code Administration Code of Practice
CB Change Board
CCN Change Control Notice/Contract Change Notification
C&D Connection and Disconnection
CDSP Central Data Service Provider
CGR Code Governance Remedies
CMA Competition and Markets Authority
COP Code of Practice
CoS Change of Supplier
CoT Change of Tenancy
CP Change Proposal
CPRG Change Process Review Group
CPD Change Proposal Document
CSA Core Systems Assurance (Switching Programme)
CSS Central Switching Service
CRS Central Registration Service
DAP Debt Assignment Protocol
DCC Data Communications Company
DCUSA Distribution Connection and Use of System Agreement
DES Data Enquiry Service
DNO Distribution Network Operator
DTN Data Transfer Network
DTS Date Transfer Service
EC Executive Committee
ECOES Electricity Central Online Enquiry Service
ENC European Network Code
EQR Evaluation Quotation Report
ESPOC Energy Single Point Of Contact
ET Erroneous Transfer
ETTOS Energy Theft Tip-Off Service
ETWG Erroneous Transfer Working Group
FACC Finance, Audit and Commercial Committee
FWP Forward Work Plan
GDPR General Data Protection Regulation
GONG Go /No Go (Switching Programme)
GPEG Gas Payment Expert Group
GT (Large) Gas Transporter
GTDIS Gas Theft Detection Incentive Scheme
HAN Home Area Network
I&C Industrial and Commercial
ICoSS Industrial and Commercial Shippers and Suppliers
iGT (Small) Gas Transporter
iGT UNC iGT Uniform Network Code
IHD In Home Display
IISG Interruptions Incentive Scheme Group
IREG Issue Resolution Expert Group
ISG Imbalance Settlement Group
ISSG (Gas) Interventions Solutions Sub-Group
KPI Key Performance Indicator
LPA Licenced Party Assurance (Switching Programme)
MAG Meter Amalgamation Group
MAM Meter Asset Management
MAMCoP Meter Asset Manager Code of Practice
MDD Market Design Data
MEC MRA Executive Committe
MoU Memorandum of Understanding
MAP Meter Asset Providers
MEC MRA Executive Committee
MNC Meter Number Creation
MOCOPA Meter Operation Code of Practice Agreement
MPAN Meter Point Administration Number (Electricity)
MPAS Meter Point Administration Service
MPN Meter Point Number Request
MPRN Meter Point Registration Number (Gas)
MPRS Meter Point Registration System
MRA Master Registration Agreement
MRG MAMCoP Review Group
MRR Meter Read Referral
MSN Meter Serial Number
MTD Meter Technical Details
NCD Needs Category Description
NOSI Notification of Old Supplier Information
NSP National Service Provider
OAMI Ofgem Approved Meter Installers
OBJ Objection Request Record
OSP Ofgem Switching Programme
PAB Performance Assurance Board
PAF Postcode Address File
PEMS Post-Emergency Metering Services
PIS Post Implementation Support
PIT Pre Integration Testing (Switching Programme)
PPMIP Prepayment Metering Infrastructure Provider
PSG Priority Services Group
PSR Priority Services Register
QRF Quarterly Resources Fund?
RDT Regulatory Design Team (Switching Programme)
RDUG Regulatory Design User Group (Switching Programme)
REC Retail Energy Code
REL Retail Energy Location
RET Resolution of Erroneous Transfer
RFI Request for Information
RGMA Retail Gas Metering Arrangements
RMP Registrable Meter Point
ROM Rough Order of Magnitude
RoP Rules of Procedure
SAR Supplier/Shippers Agreed Reads
SCR Significant Code Review
SEG SPAA Expert Group
SGC Safe Guarding Customers
SI System Integration
SIT System Integration Testing (Switching Programme)
SID Supplier ID Request
SLA Service Level Agreement
SLT Service Level Targets
SMDG Smart Metering Delivery Group
SMETS Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specification
SMICoP Smart Meter Installation Code of Practice
SMOG Smart Meter Operational Group
SPAA Supply Point Administration Agreement
SVG Supplier Volume Allocation Group
TEG Theft Expert Group
TIC Transmission Investment Committee
TIG Theft Issues Group
TRAM Theft Risk Assessment Methodology
TRAS Theft Risk Assessment Service
TSG Theft Steering Group
UAT User Acceptance Testing
UFDS User File Design Specification
UIP Utility Infrastructure Provider
UNC Uniform Network Code
UPRN Unique Property Reference Number
URS User Requirement Specification

Codes and their Administrators

Code Type Code Administrator Website
Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) Electricity ELEXON
Connection Use of System Code (CUSC) Electricity National Grid
Distribution Use of System Agreement (DCUSA) Electricity ElectraLink
Master Registration Agreement (MRA) Electricity Gemserv
Grid Code Electricity National Grid
Distribution Code Electricity Energy Networks Association
System Operator - Transmission Operator Code (STC) Electricity National Grid
Uniform Network Code (UNC) Gas Joint Office of Gas Transporters
Independent Gas Transporter UNC (iGT UNC) Gas Gemserv
Supply Point Administration Agreement (SPAA) Gas ElectraLink
Smart Energy Code (SEC) Gas and Electricity Gemserv
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