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REC Manager: Podcasts

Weekly Code Manager podcasts to discuss a range of REC topics and FAQs around Assurance, Change Management, the Digital REC and more.

Each week, the Code Manager releases here a new podcast to provide bite-sized updates on a different REC topic. You can search for current and previous editions below.

REC Podcast

REC Podcast – REC Manager: REC Performance Assurance

We are delighted to welcome Walter Carlton to the podcast. Walter leads the REC Code Manager Performance Assurance services.

REC Videocast – REC Manager: REC Portal overview

In this weeks broadcast we hear from our team developing the REC Portal. A new video-cast from RECCo.

REC Podcast – REC Manager Mobilisation update

This episode provides a round up of what has been going on at the REC Manager and answering some of the questions raised to us recently.

Podcast – REC Manager: Committees and nominations

This weeks podcast follows the opening of the committee representative nominations.

REC Podcast

Podcast – Meet the Operational Account Managers

Today sees the first episode of our series of podcasts from the Code Manager. Each week, we’ll be taking a bitesized look at what’s going on during the lead up to …

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