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Here you can find key REC Code Manager documentation.

This page is regularly updated to display key documents which may be of interest to prospective, new and existing REC Parties, as well as interested stakeholders.

Performance Assurance Methodology, Operating Plan and Techniques

Supporting guidance and information around the Retail Energy Code Performance Assurance

RECCo’s performance assurance approach is risk based, with assurance activities driven by the risks to consumers and the effectiveness of the market. High or increasing risk will result in the application of one or more Performance Assurance Techniques (PATs).

Performance Assurance Techniques will be used to drive good performance in retail energy markets. Our approach focuses assurance activities on the highest priority areas, with the aspiration of reducing the burden of compliance for those that perform well.

Market Entry Guidance Information

This guidance describes the process to become Qualified under the Retail Energy Code (REC). It covers different requirements for different Market Roles and REC Services

To fulfil specific roles in the retail energy market, organisations must become Qualified. This can be for a specific Market Role e.g. Gas / Electricity Supplier, Distribution Network Operator, Gas Transporter or Metering Equipment Manager (MEM); or to enable access to a specific REC Service. Once Qualified, these organisations will be able to access the services governed by the REC and have obligations to meet under this Code. The qualification is specific to the Market Role the organisation takes, for example the access to services and obligations for an Energy Supplier is different to that of a MEM or Non-Party REC Service User for the Electricity Enquiry Service (EES) such as a Meter Asset Provider.

Please note that the Market Entry Guidance Information does not currently include portal screenshots (or associated hyperlinks) at this time and will be updated in due course.

Maintenance of Qualification Guidance

Each organisation that has been Qualified under the REC, including those under CMEC, is responsible for ensuring that it continues to meet its obligations under the REC, or as the case may be, its Access Agreement.

This document provides guidance on satisfying the following requirements:

  • Provide a Maintenance of Qualification Submission annually. You will be notified of this requirement in advance, through the REC Portal.
  • Provide a Maintenance of Qualification Submission should a material event that could impact your ability to meet your REC obligations occur, or you reasonably foresee it could occur. Examples of this could be major systems and process change, or the implications of mergers and acquisitions activity.
  • Promptly notify the Code Manager of any security breaches that could compromise the security or integrity of any REC Service, or any other REC Service Users.
  • If you are a Qualified Energy Supplier, Meter Equipment Manager or a Distribution Network Operator, inform the Code Manager of any changes to Systems and/or Processes that may impact interfaces with other Market Participants.

REC Maintenance of Qualification Guidance – v.1.0 (Final).Pdf

Retail Risk Register V1.0

The Retail Risk Register contains an identification of retail risks relating to parties’ obligations gathered from an initial review and analysis of all the REC Schedules. The definition of Retail Risk is:

‘A risk that retail energy consumer outcomes or the effectiveness of the retail market are measurably and significantly degraded by a failure by a REC Party, REC Service User, REC Service Provider or other Party to meet the objectives, standards or core processes under the REC.’

Please see below a brief clarification of items you will find in the Retail Risk Register:

Retail Risk: The measurable risk affecting retail energy consumers resulting from a failure by a REC or other party to meet the objectives, standards and core processes under the REC schedules in scope.

Risk Driver: This refers to the granular cause of the retail risk including the Cause (Rationale describing the risk driver) and Effect (An explanation of the effect of a risk driver, typically this will either be on consumers or on market effectiveness)

Performance Measures: Metrics used to assess performance against the risk driver to evaluate the likelihood of the retail risk causing customer detriment. These are absolute measures, i.e. that they often count the number of times of an event taking place. We expect much larger parties to have many more events identified and account for this when setting performance expectations.

REC Obligations: References to the specific REC schedule linked to the risk driver.

With supporting details

  • Retail Risk Reference Number
  • Risk Driver Reference Number
  • Performance Measurement Frequency
  • Types of Party
  • Types of consumers affected
  • Related to customer vulnerability (Y/N)
  • Related to effective competitive markets (Y/N)

Retail Risk Register v.1.0 Final.xlsx

Retail Energy Code Accession Application Form

The REC goes live 1 September 2021 – do you need to accede?

All companies holding a Gas Supplier, Electricity Supplier, Gas Transporter, Electricity Distribution or Smart Communications licence are required to accede to and comply with the Retail Energy Code.

If your company needs to accede to the REC, please complete the Retail Energy Code Accession Application Form and send to

REC Code Manager Performance Assurance Consultation

In April and May, we consulted on the proposed approach to aspects of the REC Performance Assurance Framework (PAF).

This was the Code Manager’s first consultation and focused on the vision for the PAF. 

The consultation closed on 14 May 2021 and a summary of the responses submitted will be issued shortly.

Retail Energy Code Operational Contacts Template

Operational contacts to be provided by all REC Supplier and MEM Parties. 

To prepare for REC Go-Live, the Code Manager is collating the mandatory contacts prescribed in the REC and that are not held within the Secure Data Exchange Schedule (SDES), for issue resolution and escalations. This data will be uploaded to the Portal for Go-Live, for Parties and users with the correct access permissions to view.

Please email to receive a copy of the REC Operational Contacts Template and Instruction Document, which all REC Supplier and MEM Parties are required to complete. 

If you have different contacts for different MPIDs or Short Codes, we will require one template per MPID or Short Code. Once completed, please rename the document with your organisation in the title, and return to

From Go-Live onwards, you will be able to make any amendments to your operational contacts through your own Portal login.

For more information on completing the template, please see the Instruction Document and guidance contained within the spreadsheet provided by the Code Manager.

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